EvoCreo (MOD, Unlimited Money)

The term Pokemon is not new to any of us after we are young. The title of the Pokemon film is one of the most striking films. The film focuses on the title sport, which has the same title and has drawn a lot of attention from viewers. Now there is a sport that has inherited the essence of its older brother EvoCreo. This is a sport produced with the support of a brand called Infinity. Although they are not a famous game on the planet of the game now, they have developed a high quality game.

This is an entertaining RPG game mixed with Pokemon’s well-known pet training model. When you come to the game you will experience the fierce battle between Creos to find out who is the winner. You will relive childhood memories that seem to be forgotten. So what are you ready to fit into a talented Creo trainer and climb amazing heights with his Creo?



The area we live in was seen fashionably in ancient times with monsters called Creo. As soon as we appeared, we knew about the existence of Creo, which has helped a lot in people’s lives. They were with people in the last phase of development. The people who tame and care for Creo are called Evokers. You can connect to Creo to submit them. The object that always exists in every civilization is war. In this world there are constant wars that cost the lives of many people.


Too frustrated, they decided to hold tournaments between Evoker around the world to win a winner. At the moment our main personality is a boy who lives in a peaceful and beautiful village. His father was once a powerful evoker, but was arrested through the Shadow Hive organization. He has to follow his father and become a powerful evoker to be ready to save many of his fathers. Because of this, his existence has changed completely, he is on his way to end the area Evoker leads and to save his father. You will be his companion on the way to finding a leading Evoker to save his beloved father.



The gameplay of the game is not too complicated, under the guidance of the NPC the player can quickly recognize the gameplay. Players can recruit wild creos so they can fight under their guidance. The higher the Creo level, the harder it is to recruit people, so players suffer. The game’s fighting mechanism is fairly simple, Creos will attack each other and players will decide their skills. There is a possibility that there is a Creo HP on the left of the sports screen. The two sides lose their attack unless one of the major parties runs out of blood first, the rest wins. There is a certain mechanism in entertainment to combat all other attributes, to illustrate ice properties, chimney properties, fire properties and metal properties, etc. Participants must choose Creo. The right way to fight opponents and win easily.



> Are you qualified for the interesting aspects of this sport?


Inside there are over 130 unique creos, including evolution, that players can tame and use in combat. With low-level creos, improve and improve them so that they can thrive. There is a special feature that players crave to determine the evolution of Creo, not that they are pre-programmed. Choose your strongest Creos to form a championship team.

A lot of people play online

In addition to story mode, players can also take part in online battles with different players. Maybe there is a genre called Fighting Class that honors the most comfortable and powerful players. So that you can become one of these passionate players, collect a strongest Creo to form the strongest squad and climb to the top.



The 2nd layout is mixed with eight bits like we had in the past decade. Because of this photographic style, people can feel that their memories are more vivid and safer than ever. The result of the game is very lively and built in a very light 8-bit style, so there is no lag in the game. Sound sounds are carefully integrated to compare every action in this sport. Historical melodies in the past are also particularly lively for passionate gamers who hear this travel experience. Download EvoCreo to become a powerful Evoker and have a powerful collection of Creos to rise to the Evoking Owner position.

MOD information?

– Selling BOTA DROP in an entertainment store (no longer in a retail store) brings a lot of money!!

Version: 1.9.7
Size: 45MB
Google Play Link


EvoCreo [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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