DreamWorks Universe of Legends

Like Disney, DreamWorks is a legendary studio that has produced many world-famous cartoons. Your product has developed into one of the most important and popular standard cultures at many international locations. Everyone knows that Po, Hiccup, Alex, Games are their non-secular children. In the latest Dream Dream Universe product, everyone from all of the cartoons is brought together in a separate universe. They live, fight and find friends to search for their adventures.


Not the easiest now, but the bad guys from Kung Fu Panda, an easy way to guide dragons, shrek, Madagascar’s penguins, croods and more, seem to be taking part in this fight. Due to the fact that the game resembles RTS, the characters in this sport are called. Interest lasts longer when the knowledge of different opponents appears in a match. They will eliminate each other or one side will be more advantageous than their enemy. The winner is simply the nicest group builder.


Unite the DreamWorks heroes

This entertainment is a new product, is the publisher’s hope when it officially launches on Google Play. If you want to get drunk on them in another game, go to the predominant website for advice. Or that you can follow us on our website to get the largest model. DREAMWORKS UNIVERSITY, TOURISM, FIGHTING HATCHERS, FABLES FURY will be the main video games of the Firefly mobile video game Inc during this time.


Set up a dream team of companions

DreamStones is the powerful nature of this game; It leads all characters into a world called The Between. Here, the Oogway Master protects this treasure and keeps it stable, unless the drops appear. King Globby is the leader of the plan, who wants to get his own stones and get enough energy. But players will know the power of characters in sports and will fight for this world.


A fight takes place when you have about six characters to fight in a character type from favorite films like Po, Shrek, Hiccups, Eep, Donkeys, quick, Mr. Peabody and more. These types of powers are likely to be immediately extracted from their own reports and aligned with the powerful approach given. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so think about your squad. A completely new feature in the mechanism of action of the sport is the idle mode. The mode, if you are not managing due to the fact that it is busy, will keep the game going and characters will struggle to optimize their performance. Auto Battle Offline gives you all the money you need to take care of your characters like coins, substances and everything.

Learn how to install zip documents?

– Decompress com.fireflygames.dreamworks_1.3200.zero.0.zip (zip file with APK file and Android folder with OBB file).
– Install APK (don’t open it after installation).
– Copy Android directory in the following situation: / SDCARD /!!

Google Play Link


DreamWorks Universe of Legends [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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