DreamWorks Universe of Legends

Like Disney, DreamWorks is a legendary studio that has produced many world-famous animated films. Their products have become one of the popular cultures, popular in many countries. Everyone knows that Po, Hiccup, Alex,… are their spiritual children. In the latest “DreamWorks Universe of Legends” product, everyone, from all animated films, is assembled into a separate Universe. They live, fight and make friends to find their adventures.


Not only that, but the evil ones from Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, Penguins of Madagascar, Croods & more also appear to participate in this battle. Because the game will be RTS-like, the characters available in the game will be summoned. The fun will last longer when the skills of each other’s opponents appear in a match. They will cancel each other out, or a side becomes stronger than their enemies. The winner is just the smartest team builder.


Unite the DreamWorks Heroes

This game is a new product, which is the publisher ‘s hope when it is officially released on Google Play. If you want to enjoy another game of them, visit their main page. Or you can follow us on our site to get the most advantageous versions. DREAMWORKS UNIVERSE OF LEGENDS, TOURIVIA, BATTLE HATCHERS, FURY FABLES will all be the mainstream games of Firefly Games Mobile Inc during this time.


Form a dream team of companions

DreamStones is the essence of the power of this game; it brings all characters to a world called The Between. Here, Master Oogway protects this treasure and maintains balance until the Droplets appear. King Globby is the leader of the plan who wants to take Stones of his own and take great power. But players will take advantage of the power of characters in the game and fight for this world.


A battle will take place when you have about six characters to fight in a variety of characters from favorite movies like Po, Shrek, Hiccup, Eep, Donkey, Turbo, Mr. Peabody, and more. These types of powers will be taken directly from their own stories and are balanced with a specific power system. All have their strengths and weaknesses, so consider your lineup. A new feature in the game’s operating mechanism is “idle mode.” When you do not directly control it because it is busy, the game continues to operate, and the characters will fight with optimizing their power. Offline Auto-Battle gives you everything you need to power up your characters like Coins, Materials, and everything.

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DreamWorks Universe of Legends (APK FILE)

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