Dragon Nest M (MOD, Invincible/Easy Win)

After SIAMGAME announced that it would distribute Dragon Nest on mobile devices under the name Dragon Nest M, millions of passionate players were ready for the official release date. Enthusiastic players can currently download the beta version and register reputable versions that will be released one day. The price of pre-registration is known to be huge, so hurry up! As you can see, Dragon Nest is undoubtedly one of the top roleplayers in computer games. With many attractive features and beautiful 3D photos, the game has had great success at some international locations around the world. Especially in Asian countries.

After six years of liberation, the legal version of cell maintenance is likely to be called Dragon Nest Mobile. The game is currently most widely released in China. You can download the game’s APK APK file below and install it immediately. In the English variant, players long to wait a little longer. Initially, this sport was designed for computers. What difficulties will players encounter when enjoying on the mobile platform? The answer will be answered later. But first I want to introduce a little bit about the game of this function – to participate in the sport.


In Dragon Nest M, avid gamers will get some of the four popular character classes alongside Warrior, Archer, Sorceress and Killer. Similar to MOBA games that are similar to DOTA2 or LOL, each personality class has the right fighting styles and targeted skills that are suitable for tracking participants. Each persona classification has the exact hero of this style. In addition, the shapes of the characters are known and very similar to the computer variants.

In addition, the editor mentioned that in some cases all characters were verified by them and then introduced into the game. The reason for this is that game balancing is basically the most common means. In addition, the new mode Appropriate mode The new mode is introduced as 1v1, 4v4 and 8v8. It’s a PK-focused mode that minimizes the number of players in the same sport.

Larger game world

Supported by modern 3D technology know-how, the playing card is wider and more lively. However, this does not make the game unique. It maintains the special design shape and context of customer variation. When something changes the most, that’s the action. If the plot were not exchanged now, sport would be particularly boring. Instead, the producer created a completely new, more specific story. This story is constantly being discovered at the levels of this sport. This new story building story is used by many publishers.

Restore dungeon from the original

Monsters are important; The Dragon Nest brand was born. With this mobile variant, the entire dungeon is created from the normal variant, its knowledge and shape are retained. For example, Garg monsters in sacred forest areas can throw icebergs and paralyze opponents. It can also restore HP and increase defense, which the PC version already has.

Photos & soundtracks

Although the design of the game is still identical to the PC version, there are some variations in the mobile version. For example, the structure of an essential city is more complex and attractive. however, it looks like the last fictional Pocket XV variant. Another impressive feature of the game is Paradise Divine, where it is newly decorated. Maybe the player has to try to believe in its novelty. The game does not currently allow you to customize the character immediately. Alternatively, participants must use virtual foreign money to buy sets of savings.

The actual sound of the game can also surprise me a lot. I will hear the sound of running water in the well, the sound of quartz rock. The good news is that the sound is made possible by the creator of the main sport.

MOD information?

Internationally difficult

1. Invincible
2. One hit kill
Number three. infinite skills
4. Spot kill enemies
5. win immediately

Work most effectively in normal mode!


2nd attack factor (x1 ~ x1000)
3.Protection factor (x1 ~ x1000)
four. Attack Speed ​​Multiplier (x1 ~ x100)
5. Attack diversity coefficient (x1 ~ x100)
6. Movement speed coefficient (x1 ~ x5)
7. No cooldown ability
eight. Loads from SP
8. Kill enemies (one click kills all enemies on the screen)
10. Win immediately (a click in the dungeon wins immediately in the dungeon)
11. NO advertising!!

Version: 1.8.0
Size: 62M
Google Play Link


Dragon Nest M Global [MOD] [V1.8.0] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Dragon Nest M SEA [MOD] [V1.6.0] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Thanks for downloading!

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