Doom Watch (MOD, Damage/God Mode)

Doom Watch – a tactical title sport from iDreamSky was released last October. The game was once inspired by the use of a zombie pandemic – much like the mini clip plague, mixed with the way you fight idle heroes. This product is as unique as it is strange. Gamers were immediately paid attention to, especially those who depend on the method. As a real-time martial art, players will master and experience the widespread zombie epidemic. Given the risks of humanity, who will be the bravest and best equipped commander to fight them? Who will be able to endure the order for a whole new world? Let’s explore soon ..

Judgment Day has come!

In Doom Watch, you are the commander for the entire battle. Everyone is threatened by the zombie invasion. The first is a basis for secure protection and recruiting power. The shelter needs to be strengthened enough to ensure that zombies don’t get in trouble.

The military aspect is key in Doom Watch. You need to build an elite army strong enough to fight the zombies that are ready to attack you. By collecting and recruiting heroes, you will quickly develop your basic drive. the amount is not large enough; At the same time, the great demand grew. Use rewards and prizes from tough battles to increase the vitality of the heroes. Armed forces can often be expanded. The hero has a minor form. You need to bend to get the most out of your strategies.

Doomwatches help fight against many participants. If the enemy is too strong, the help of the other rebels will help prevent their attacks. The tactical aspect of combining multiple armies is still highlighted here. Use recruited heroes to assemble a powerful team that can complement your will and help you win. This is the case with zombies. This option allows players to fight each other to compete with each other. From there, high-quality commanders can be found.



The game is influenced by the old western lifestyle, which combines 3D shapes to create a fully animated, unique world. However, the photos are modern. Old and modern mixes are relatively familiar in identical strategy games. The most important points, effects and snapshots are carefully worked out. Photos of cannons, arrows, etc. give passionate players a first-class, epic sport. The topic is very diverse and describes old rooms quite reliably. Sound also helps get gamers excited about Doom Watch.


If tactical recovery is important to you, download it and become the ideal destroyer. The game is free in the device memory and uses the opportunity to experience it best. Doom watches can be more attractive if you have friends’ participation, remember to share with them.

MOD data

1. Spirit mode
2. One hit kill
Number three. Menu mod!!

Size: 33M
Google Play Link



Doom Watch (OBB FILE)

Thanks for downloading!

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