Doom Watch (MOD, Damage/God Mode)

Doom Watch – a tactical title game from iDreamSky that was released last October. The game was inspired by the zombie epidemic – quite similar to Miniclip’s Plague, combined with Idle Heroes fighting style; The product is just as weird. Immediate attention has been paid to the players, especially the addicts of the tactics. As a real-time fighting game, players will experience and experience the zombie epidemic spreading. In the face of the dangers of humanity, who will be the bravest, most capable commander to fight them? Who will stand up to rearrange order for a new world? Let’s find out soon …..


Doomsday has come!

In Doom Watch, you will be the commander for the whole battle. All are threatened by the invasion of zombies. The first thing is a base to shelter and recruit forces. The shelter must be reinforced, inevitably, to ensure that the zombies can not easily be touched.

The military factor is the key in Doom Watch. You need to build an elite army that is hard enough to fight the zombies who are waiting to attack you. By collecting and recruiting heroes, you will increase your base force quickly. The amount is not enough; the quality must also be increased simultaneously. Use rewards, prizes from hard battles to increase the power of the heroes. The strength of the army will be magnified many times. Heroes have a different style. You need to be flexible to get the most out of your tactics.


Doom Watch supports multi-player combat. If the enemy is too strong, help from other rebels will help prevent their attacks. Combining various armies, the tactical element is still raised here. Use the recruited heroes to create a powerful squad that can complement your will to help you win. This is the case with zombies. With this feature, players can fight against each other to compete, compete. From there find the best commander.



The game is inspired by ancient Western life combining 3D style to create an extremely lively, exciting world. However, the graphics are modern. Ancient and modern combinations are quite familiar in similar tactical titles. The details, effects and images are thoroughly honed and thoughtful. Cannon shots, arrows, etc. will definitely give players a great game, epic. Topics are quite diverse, depicts quite authentic ancient space. Sound also helps to draw the gamer closer to Doom Watch.



If a tactical game is something you care about, why not download it and become the ultimate destroyer? The game is free on the application store, take advantage of the opportunity to experience the best. Doom Watch will be more attractive if you have the participation of your friends, do not forget to share with them offline.

MOD info

1. God Mode
2. One Hit Kill
3. Mod Menu

Google Play Link


Doom Watch MOD (APK FILE)

Doom Watch (OBB FILE)

Thanks for downloading!

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