Brave Frontier (MOD, Multi Features)

The last legend, the King of the Warriors or the Brave Border, is the most popular RPG game on the phone that every player probably knows. Although a few years ago, when new applied sciences were developed and applied to the game, important monuments such as the Brave Frontier still did not appear in the audience. And the bold border will be the content material that we learn in this article. Favorite RPG game? Do you like certain anime pictures? Do you like exciting, thrilling experiences? The courage of Frontier will not let you down.


Brave Frontier has entered the history of the planet Grand Gaia. The fight between men and women and the gods erupted, causing devastation and trauma. Behind all these difficult problems is a damned man. He caused disgust and made the gods think irreverently. The city of Randall, the center of the struggle, is very chaotic and all destruction is rooted here. In the midst of the chaos, a god from another world seemed. Will this war end?

Hundreds of heroes. Millions of players. Be a legend now!

In the arduous confrontation between the two sexes, you will be the guardian deity of another world and participate in the struggle and reconciliation of all blind gods. But apparently your mediation has no weight, and you also need to prove and win your strength and your tactical talent. To do that you need to build a strong navy.

Given that Brave Frontier is a positioning game with tactical elements, the personality approaches can be very different. You will discover more than four hundred characters divided into courses and special energy sources. In particular, there are four classes: Fireplace, Earth, Thunder and Water. Each category has warriors with extraordinary powers who are gladiators, lawyers, archers, etc. Taken together, the element is that the teachings of the warriors of every special class go through different countries, z lightning to water.

All this constitutes a very varied tactical process and creates a good environment in which to demonstrate your tactical verification skills. In addition, one must also technically remember the personality strength of the personality. Increase your combat ability with gold coins and upgrade them. Warriors of the same type with high attack values ​​usually have an advantage, right?

In terms of gameplay, Frontier bravely took the form of a flip-flop fight. At any time when it’s your turn, attendees will use the abilities on screen and prioritize the character to develop attacks on the enemy. With the exception of one of the two groups that were destroyed, the game screen ends. In addition to story mode, you can also join in the same process with PvP battles with various enthusiastic players, or join a battle in brave burst mode and improve the technical effects. Energy efficiency. Do not miss this interesting conversation.

MOD data
1. MOD ON / OFF via configuration file
2nd zero energy price (mission + vortex)
Ghost Mode (Quest + Vortex + Zone)
four. immediately courageous
5. Brave Burst is extremely fast
6. 0 main part (parade)
7. The march is always open
eight. Win in Place (Quest + Vortex)!!

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Brave Frontier [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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