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If you like the JRPG style, you’ll often find that the latest series of legends was developed by Square Enix. However, today the anime pictures and story building structures of these games have become famous and you want something new? BLADE OF GOD is what you are looking for. It is a diverse European JRPG sport that is built from fantasy elements and experiences from Greek mythology. However, his direction of development is specialized in the improvement of character strengths and the exploration of phases. There are some ideas that make BLADE OF GOD very similar to God of Fight, but is it really so? Let Vi get to know a number of factors and find solutions yourself.


Ola is a peaceful continent ruled and enclosed by the goddess. During the past 300 years, the goddess fell into a deep sleep and this prompted the demon king monster to think she was quite lifeless. They kidnap Guinevere, the last descendant of the goddess, with the aim of using the blood of the gods to revive the magic sword, and open up technology to the dark forces. As soon as the demon king completed his plan, it was Ola’s apocalypse; people were immersed in the dark and even suffered as slaves to demons. Your job is to protect Ola, choose weapons, and protect the people you care about.

Dark epic action game

The control mechanism of BLADE OF GOD is intuitive and easy to use. Intense gamers engage in combat, transfer enemies and do damage by reducing the two corners of the screen with neatly designed digital keys. Although the mission approach is truly specially designed and players are keen to perform and explore the storyline, this is not necessary. With just one sword, players can explore the map and easily destroy monsters that can appear far and wide. However, in order to level up faster, have more useful utilities, build stronger characters, and not be hampered by the new map, the player needs to create a project that is stimulating.


In addition, this sport often organizes the habit of looking for bosses for passionate players to show their fighting potential after a long time. It also offers the opportunity to have occasional and useful equipment. It’s hard to ignore.

personality development

In addition to being able to customize the appearance, the characters in BLADE OF GOD can also be designed to focus on the genre process, along with the three main classes: Warrior, Mage, and Summoning. Professor. Strictly speaking, the characters of a certain genre can show a progressive process of extraordinary strength and still possess a unique fighting talent and special abilities. With Warriors, the characters have strong combat skills, bend and can quickly destroy a large number of enemies. In the meantime, mages can cast blood, mana, and magical effects on enemies, causing them to die excruciatingly. Summoner is relatively stable when the attack speed of the characters in this classification is extremely high and the protection potential is perfectly designed, which reduces an enormous amount of injuries. I do not make any recommendations for personality selection. Ask yourself what kind of character you want to promote and how to play it.

In addition, the classification design can also be used to design modal characters and attribute levels. In the direction of combat and execution missions, Persona will automatically acquire the experience aspects to improve them, unlock new maps and new functions, and pave the way for kernel development. the way. From there, you should use external objects such as armor or weapons, unlock and improve new knowledge to improve attributes such as attack, security, critical and transport. Speed. This method is inevitable, although the scripts developed in advance depend largely on the customization of the participants. If you want to overcome the uncertain dungeon or win in the fight against strong bosses, the character must be confronted with the phrase of strength and talent.


As you will see, BLADE OF GOD was developed on the platform for 3D portraits with an extremely impressive design. For starters, the color section is just top notch, with no comments about the surrounding design, objects, and characters. The design team used to be very adept at defining colors and creating a mysterious, dark and dangerous space. For the environment and the characters they are designed in a classic way and bring monsters like giant spiders, passionate dragons, monsters and three heads in legends 6 fingers, Hui. However, providing BLADE OF GOD is a painful violation of the identical style of the JRPG video game as it is a better option for gamers. Get rid of tiredness quickly and let them relax, and you can participate in this sport and destroy the monsters that rage everywhere.

MOD information?

– Infinite gold
– Infinite diamonds
– Unlock potential!!

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Blade of God [APK FILE]

Blade of God [MOD] [APK FILE]

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