ANOTHER EDEN (MOD, Unlimited Gil/Damage)

Anime is one of the most popular animation genres from Japan. No longer the best films, comics, but games are one of the important topics that hundreds of thousands love. Perhaps the most powerful elements that an anime sport offers are comparable to the content of the deep story, convincing images, endearing characters, rich gameplay and facets. These days, listed here, I have great news for you that Japan, another EDEN entertainment, has been officially released free worldwide. So this conversation is not interesting, but after more than 2 years of domestic activation, WFS, Inc. – Is another EDEN father open to professional gamers?


another EDEN related to the tragedy of the brothers Aldo and Feene. Under the pretext of childbirth, Aldo and Feene’s mother and father discovered that the brothers had certain skills that could endanger both people. The protagonist can open the door of time and sink everything in it, and Feene can take her own life with a snap of her fingers. However, Aldo and Feene’s life span is too young, just sixteen years old, so they don’t seem to be able to fully manipulate this knowledge. Cyrus, a tyrant who controls dark powers, has kidnapped Feene to borrow her power and wipe out the whole world. Though too unhappy and determined, Aldo devoured half the time window, including Cyrus and his army.

Embark on a journey through time and space

In Aldo’s role, you can have a unique project to defeat Cyrus’ army, save your sister Feene, and save all of humanity from collapse. However, this trip shouldn’t be useful if you’re facing hundreds of Cyrus soldiers trying to kill you. This will save your sister, you need the help of your teammates, and you need to study your fighting skills to strengthen your body. The mission approach leads you to every mission, takes you to all unknown countries and fights every enemy. However, the closer you are to your sister, the greater the difficulties you face.

An additional EDEN has a headquarters-based attack game that allows you to demonstrate your ability to calculate operations, promote all armed forces, and fight with the knowledge you have learned. , In sport mode, you can join a 1vs1 PvP battle with other players in the same way, more than in normal story mode.


Add an EDEN that shapes the colors of an anime conversation from a variety of backgrounds to characters. All designs are very meticulous and choose the right shade to give the player beautiful frames. For this reason, another EDEN is preferred, although the most effective is developed on the 2d image platform. The game also includes more than 60 titles written and used directly by composer Yasunori Mitsuda. In the first 12 months from 2017 (2017), another EDEN achieved the first-class performance. This is a special award for the Google Play 2017 version of Japan. This award is worth it, if you can still trust it, download it and own it yourself!

MOD information?

choose object x25!!

Google Play Link



Thanks for downloading!

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