Mad Skills Motocross 2 (MOD, Rockets/Unlocked)

If you are always looking for side-scrolling video games with interesting content, you need to verify Mad Knowledge Motlon 2. This is the next variant of the famous game with the same title, the difference. The difference between these two versions is huge. With this variant, many new aspects will emerge and even the gameplay will be adjusted with a number of new points that create a strong fascination for those who love the racing site.


The game is easy to play and does not currently require ingenious players. One element that players most need in this game is the ability to balance and adjust their posture as a consequence. Given this entertainment, the race becomes precarious and the terrain can be unstable. However, this is one of the advantages of off-roaders.

Not only that, this sport can also design a fairly simple control mechanism, should just spend some time observing the position to capture. However, the physical properties of the game are noticeable in the eyes of the player.


physical mechanism

In order to exert a strong influence on the player, the sport will also involve a specially defined physical approach. Terrain runs on this entertainment account, the screen grows irregularly, ruggedly and there are even small hills on the road. However, this can be seen as a possibility for the driver. on the calculation that if the participant tries to adapt the function of the vehicle, you have to use the small hills to accelerate and overtake the other drivers. In other words, attitude adjustment can be very important because the player is constantly flying and touching the ball. and people’s actions will evolve to become smoother with the right posture. Even enthusiastic players can overcome different riders with a common ability to adjust their posture.


There are many exceptional race tracks that are very difficult to annoy. Instead, the participants have to achieve a perfect speed on a straight line. With this recovery, you must give priority to posture adjustment. It is no longer easy, but the atmosphere of the screen can also vary, screens are built in many places around the world. Even the terrain will act for this reason and have a small impact on the vehicle.


The most important vehicle in this game is the mountain bike, which is designed to withstand the pressure after the impact. In addition, their bikes are specially designed for easy transport on complex, land or wilderness-like terrain. And in this game there are many facilities dedicated to hardcore gamers. They are divided into unique phases. The higher the level, the better the performance and there are many ways to upgrade.

However, to free them, the player must constantly participate in the races and achieve the best placement. Every car can also be retrofitted and adapted. Based on the personal preferences of the players, the customization is decided by them. In addition, the brand new upgrade is huge as the player always has to consolidate the car’s performance in order to be ready to defeat the different drivers. It’s not that easy anymore, the price of upgrades can also be very high, so players have to make every effort to finish the races and make a profit.!!

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