Maze Planet 3D Pro APK (MOD Stars/Balls Unlocked)

Do you like the game of knowledge? The professional Maze Planet 3D I’m talking about is of high quality for you if you are a fan of intellectual puzzles, especially mazes. A new game from the DK game with numerous improvements over its predecessor. One of the most important highlights is not that ads are shown because this sport is no longer suitable for playing all types of ads because it no longer interrupts this sport. due to the over-perceived need for the game. Including a total of 45 specific types of mazes that increase the fun and joy of the player requires perseverance to unravel the maze and satisfy the passion with the hidden object game of players. and a variety of different innovations and updates. Come to Planet Maze Planet Pro right away.

regarding the new labyrinth types

That is the point I remember when I was raised, I was basically the most outstanding professional successor to Maze Planet 3D. You will cross the maze by guiding the ball through the disturbed forest to the final goal. The labyrinth is likely to be designed around a 3D planet. Many new planets in Labyrinth Planet have been added to this sport, and let your expertise be all of your own.

A total of 45 planets and 25 balls have been set up so that you can start and win. To simplify your discovery process, the process creates a completely new property called key. The secret is to give you tips. You need it to open the gate at the end of the path. To find these locks, you must open the search lock mode and never forget. Time is limited, so make sure you are fast enough to get the most out of it. See all sorts of strange labyrinths of planetary labyrinths and find many interesting things.

Easy gameplay?

It is very convenient to adopt a maze game. All you have to do is find the door and check it to get to the exit. In Professional Maze Planet 3D you manage the ball and pass the labyrinth to leave it. To control the ball, you need to use two approaches: The main way is to use the rear right joystick for the screen of your mobile device. If you don’t want to press, you can select the tilt function to adjust it accordingly.


Enjoying simple problems also creates an interesting feeling of discovering players. It is impossible not to mention the procedural aspects of this sport: you can switch the game mode using the button on the top left. Every game approach corresponds to a special entertainment, all interesting things are special and wait for you to recognize and discover them yourself. In addition to the main sport screen, you can swap beautiful or LOW images in the game menu to improve the suitability of your mobile device.


If you are a fan of simple games, mental video games or just looking right, Maze Planet 3D Professional MOD is the wrong choice. With the updated version of this sport, the game wants to fulfill the wishes of those who have known the Planet Labyrinth before and more than the brand new players of this exciting sport. . Download your own professional Maze Planet 3D and burn your nerves to find the right way for yourself.!!

Version: 1.1
Google Play Link


Maze Planet 3D Pro (Google Play)

Maze Planet 3D Pro MOD (APK File)

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