Hidden Hotel (MOD, Energy/Coins/Stars)

Nowadays, as human lifestyles develop entertainment needs, human travel is becoming extremely important and thoughtful. As the tourism industry evolves, the hospitality industry grows, giving travelers the opportunity to entertain, eat and hold for longer. In fact, industry takes a small part of the economic environment. Do you have to look once to become a vacation home owner and build your career in this service industry? The hidden hotel offers you real gaming expertise. If you’re following a whole new specialty, don’t miss this entertainment!


Do you like the mysterious puzzles and the process of finding objects?

Hidden hotels are not a typical boarding sport. You don’t have to worry about or serve advertising and marketing planning for consumers. The inn’s hidden story is in a large hotel, but is generally damaged by the earthquake. Now this situation has been abandoned and your job is to restore this hotel to make it work properly. How can you fix the problem? Simply put, I will give a brief explanation of the mechanics of this sport.


What about renovating an old inn?

Hidden Inn is a puzzle game in which you should look for items that you may have selected. At the bottom of the screen is the list of objects you need to search for. You need to be close to where the objects are and then click on them to get them. When you complete the challenge, you will receive a bonus. At the top of the screen, however, there is a reputation bar that is comparable to the bonuses x6, x5, x4, x3 and x2. The faster you appear for gadgets, the higher your reward. So if you can see it well, you will use this game. The important thing, however, is that the main stages are relatively easy to play to familiarize yourself with this new entertainment. The higher levels can be very difficult; The objects hide more carefully. Usually you feel relatively stressed.


After receiving the bonus, you can move around your resort to tidy up the entire property and replace historical or broken equipment. To buy objects that you can consult with the dealer, click on the article. A new form will appear that you like.


The final part

Are you able to become a hotel and rebuild a dream home? The hidden hotel is no longer the easiest to give you guidance, but also helps you control your approach by playing games and design skills through the way you build your resort. But this game won’t be useful because there are too many puzzles. Download this sport and solve the puzzle.

MOD information?

1. infinite money
2. Unlimited stars
Number three. infinite power
(Expand as an alternative to decrease)!!

Version: 1.1.41
Size: 106M
Google Play Link



Thanks for downloading!

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