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Games in the category of community interaction have become the trend of the current social networking boom. If you are smart enough and confident in your general knowledge, why not try to play Fight List 2 once? Here is one of the most exciting games to be a big fish in the market of the USA. It makes the player unable to stop playing, but it also has a benefit that provides players with an endless source of knowledge. Join me on the Fight List of the famous game publisher Voodoo. It has reached 2000 downloads in just a few days.


In fact, the more simple and easy-to-familiar the game is, the easier it is to attract players. And this is also a phenomenon when there are simple game rules. The game will give you a question that has multiple answers at once; your task is to list them out to win points. But the point here is that you can get the lowest points for the most common answers. But do not expect good luck and list multiple solutions, but try your best to answer as much as possible.

Go head-to-head with friends or strangers

The game allows you to connect with a lot of friends or strangers suggested in the gaming community, so this will be the uncompromising confrontation that brings you a dramatic surprise. If your friends know more than you know, it will surely motivate you to continue to challenge them, and if strangers will bring you unbelievable knowledge. This is a game quite similar to the TV show ‘Family Feud’ in the US and ‘Family Fortunes’ in the UK. But the difference is that you get a lot of points when answering the right answer the least answer (the answer is the least suspicious).

A fun game of high competition and agility

The game will allow you to brainstorm and type in a short amount of time that will increase your ability to process information and react. So it also makes you smarter after each game; moreover, it is not boring is a game of knowledge that you are also fighting with friends and many other competitors too. Interesting, is not it?

Fight List 2 really still good?

The number of points that can be gained in each round is limited to ensuring the balance of the game. If you are a keen rapper with great speed and the ability to search the top internet will be a disadvantage for those who do not have that skill. But do not be so confident because the internet also has many hard opponents. Either they are as fast as you or they know more knowledge than you?


Fight List 2 a free game, so it costs a lot of money to maintain it from advertising. So that would be a nasty point to disrupt your gaming experience. Another weakness is that if you play a lot and understand the answers then probably will meet many times again. Try to find other solutions to earn more points. The game is only for the operating system iOS, so people using the Android operating system need to wait a while before can enjoy this exciting game.

Sum up

This is an intellectual game, so its graphics are minimalized, and the gaps are heavily spent on the answers you give. But not so the background of the game is boring, but the back is still extraordinary illustrations are given after your answers. Sound added skillfully to add drama to the game, making the player feel that this is a real race and you are the main character. Quickly download Fight List 2 APK to experience the latest challenges. It will not disappoint you.

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