Candy Crush Saga (MOD, Moves/Lives/All Level)

> Candy Crush Saga is the best puzzle game for Android. Hardcore gamers can solve puzzles for hours with 1,000 special tests.

As a rule, you will believe in puzzle video games, interesting storylines and overly good judgment will appeal to gamers. There is no elaborate piece like Monument Valley 2 or an interesting story like Limbo. Candy Crush Saga has confirmed its position in the puzzle genre with simple and addicting gameplay from the very first moment. To date, the sport has more than 500 million downloads on the most modern devices and becomes free entertainment with the most downloads in all application markets. Soon we can show you the methods to play Candy Crush Saga!

Best trilogy game for cell phones

Sweet Saga Saga is a puzzle game that is suitable for three games. The gameplay is similar to that of Bejeweled Diamonds. But why was Candy Crush Saga so well received by passionate players? Mostly due to the shape and color of the candy, which gives the participant a sweeter feeling. While it is an approach to many missions, you develop fascination with the player.

After regularly updating and expanding the elements, this sport has reached thousands of stages, comparable to many challenges that you have to overcome. In each phase you have to line up at least three candies of the same color so that they disappear and new candies appear. Then score. Even if you have to meet a different standard, the challenges that the game brings will be taken into account. For example, collect 20 purple candies, 30 inexperienced gifts, or get 10,000 items and collect 20 yellow gifts.

Hundreds of levels from simple to complex

Depending on the level, the project is created in the main phases – the second time you play, for the most part, and the process will advise you to familiarize yourself with the game as well, how to find out how to complete quests participates. However, if you have a higher degree, the main problem will come to the fore and you will face more challenging problems and new experiences. In addition, a certain number of rotations can be provided for each entertainment screen. However, if the number of laps has expired and the conversation is no longer over, you will no doubt lose the sport and you will have to try again from the beginning in this phase.

Play with friends, check success

Some phases need to be completed a few times earlier, but there are also phases when you should play some of the most effective rounds. This is very helpful to make you more influential and not bored. However, I can also give you some pointers to help you play higher in the sweet crush saga. earlier than the use in return, focuses on gifts including clear and shifting the position of chocolates so that some chocolates of the same color are lined up and at the time form L or T. At this point the correct candies appear and give the player the risk of to take a step forward. And they have the ability to destroy countless sweets. For those who often find it complicated, you can take advantage of the additional support that the game offers.

Bright 3D images, fun tracking

Sweet Crush Saga doesn’t have realistic 3D scenes like arcade games like Position or attractive anime characters, but it is highlighted by the sweet and sweet sweetness. In addition, lighting results play an essential role in making everything glow. When the good things go away, they will explode, leaving the beautiful rays behind. This will likely be more noticeable if you break a lot of candy along the way. In addition, the interface of this sport can be clearly laid out, not difficult and decorated with colorful decorations. Overall, Candy Crush Saga isn’t fussy, pix, and playful, but it does have a remarkable appeal. You will regret if you missed this game!

MOD information?

[MOD V1]
1. Endless Life (Usually Win)
2. Unlock all stages / episodes
3. Countless boosters

[MOD V2]
1. countless lives (won continuously)
2. Do not load all stages / sequences
3. Endless boosters
4. Ninety-nine moves
5. Ninety-nine explosions

[MOD V3]
unlimited life
one hundred strikes!!

Google Play Link


Candy Crush Saga [V1.168.0.3] [MODV3] [APK FILE]

Candy Crush Saga [V1.154.0.5] [MODV1] [APK FILE]

Candy Crush Saga [V1.154.0.5] [MODV 2] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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