Bricks Breaker Puzzle (MOD money)

Are you a simple person and can depend on the simplest games? Do you like the classic puzzle sport? Do you need more expertise and start a completely new addiction with a new, apparently old-fashioned sport that is not old? If the answer is yes – yes – and sure, there is no reason to reject the Brick Breaker Puzzle. Check out what Mobirix did for hardcore gamers like you.

Simple, attractive game

– The numbered cells are probably the first thing you see while exercising
– Change the action of the ball on the bottom bar before you are ready to lift the ball.
– Every time the ball touches the stone, the number of stones steadily decreases compared to the effect with the ball
– If the number on the block is zero, the security is zero. After that, the block will likely be destroyed and disappear
– Try to damage all blocks before they fall and fall on the floor.

other function

The puzzle of breaking bricks Mobirix is ​​almost always not an earlier leap; There are a dozen games called Brick Breaker. However, it is not that Puzzle Breaker Puzzle is worth making, in particular it has exactly the same aspect as no Brick Breaker variant. Let’s take a look at one of the beautiful features of this beautiful sport:

– The game is offline. Just click download and play hard, even if community data or WiFi is enabled
– simple game, easy to understand, but also convenient to complement the consideration of this simplicity
– Don’t separate the desk so you can play continuously, except for the Eleven Phone Brick process, which reaches the back of the reveal.
– No excessive configuration required for your phone / tablet
– There is a ranking process with the entire player process all over the world, so you risk not wasting your achievements.

Photo – SOUND

Do you love dark blue on a black past or do you want blue stones on a white background? that you can decide what style you want in the case of the broken brick puzzle from Mobirix. With a clearly visible, good-looking picture, the process of photographing the overlapping stones in the history of the ball line corresponds to keep track of what is happening during the game and to achieve remarkable results. In addition, the sound is full of interesting, interesting highlights of the ball shock with beautiful simulated tiles.


Another Brick Breaker Puzzle MOD game was produced with Mobirix, but still creates a feeling of familiarity. If you are wondering why there are so many Bricks Breaker video games on the market, mobirix is ​​still active to release Brick Breaker Puzzle. Please say there are some goals that have been targeted, or at least the identity is not going anywhere. If you are still confused as to whether or not Brick Breaker Puzzle is the right choice for you, there is no downside. No matter what it thinks, this could be the right conversation as it is familiar but is no longer weak or associated with previous scammers, both for the simplicity of each game and for its ease of use. Shape, and it’s compelling to convince any player who loves simplicity. Download Brick Breaker Puzzle MOD MOD and think about what I said.!!

Version: 1.30
Size: 30M
Google Play Link


Bricks Breaker Puzzle (Google Play)

Bricks Breaker Puzzle MOD (APK File)

Thanks for downloading!

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