Game Commando Shooting Games 2021 – Cover Fire Action v 1.32 MOD

200 Levels in Just 40 MB


SuperStar Free Games Developer Team is presenting the newest online action 3D games. Commando Shooting Games 2021 – Cover Fire Action Games with new idea of FPS shooting and fighting games. This FPS Shooting Games is full of strategy and skill force in which you have to make strategy with your friends to beat your enemy squad. This game consists of different modes of game play in which you have to perform your duty as the captain of your anti-terrorist squad and collect the war guns while practicing the training section and get the experience of the strategy games. Cover Strike 3D Shooting Games have all these unique modes.

Commando Shooting Games 2021 – Cover Fire Action Games Modes

Play with Your Friends

In Commando Shooting Games 2021 – Cover Fire Action Games Play with your Friend, invite them as a companion or challenge them for battle strike and show them your gun fire skill and your experience. Cover Fire Action Games is the players vs players online Shooting Games mode in which you and your friend play a quick gun action classic match against other real world player in open world battle. In this classic gameplay with your friends’ mode you have to compute and survive to the last and go for the winner of the chicken Dinner and beat the last enemy and you have to stand Alone to get some extra experience points and rewards. Select one of two Aim assist and Auto Target Shoot. You have to select one of them to get the maximum advantage.

Challenge your Opponent

In Commando Shooting Games 2021 – Cover Fire Action Games Mode is Single player online shooting games in which a single player fight against other team players as 1v1 or 1v more. It’s up to you hove you want to play against your opponent team. In this mode you have to reach the target kill with in specified time. Keep in mind that your KD must be greater than 1.

Play The Daily Challenges

In This Mode of Commando Shooting Games 2021 – Cover Fire Action Games you have to complete the daily challenges to unlock the special rewords in each season of the game. It’s in online game mode which is required the wifi or mobile net to play this mode.

Play the Team Death Match

You can play Team Death Match with your as online games or as offline games while connecting through wifi hotspot. In this Team Death Match, you and your friend have to reach the target kill points before you opponents. Use close gun power in this mode to reach the higher rank in world leader board.

Play The Pro Sniper Online Battle

In This Mode you have to play against world best sniper shooter in battle field of sniper war games. You have to kill maximum sniper shooter before they killed you. Get the higher KD to top the rank. This sniper shooting games mode you can play as both offline and online games.

Cover Fire Action Games Advance Feature

Multiple Environments

Upgradable Guns

Customize Game GUI

Multiple Game Play Modes

TPP and FPP (TPS & FPS) Game Play View

Customize Music and Soundtracks

Cover Fire Action 3D Games: PVP FPS Shooting Games is our first initiative of multiplayer games. Cover Strike is basically the most playable and highly addictive games which very famous among the young generation and top gamers of the world gaming community. We are continually working to bring the ideas and upgrades on regularly bases and bring up the user suggestion and experience to increase the user interest to words our PVP FPS Shooting Games.

This Commando Shooting Games 2021 – Cover Fire Action Games is in development phase we are working on improvement on monthly bases. any fruitful suggestions are welcomed

Note: This Games is free to Download and Supported by Ads 



DOWNLOAD: Commando Shooting Games 2021 – Cover Fire Action v 1.32(APK) MOD

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