Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Special Shadow Fight 2 variant (SF 2 SE) – when fighting video games on the market, many will do great tests with generic games like Mortal Kombat or Avenue Fighter. Of course, these are all fascinating video games that have existed in the history of fighting games, but listed here I will come to a martial art that is considered the most attractive and striking. on the phone – variant of Shadow Fight 2 during this time. Shadow Battle 2 was developed in Nekki’s way and has collected over a hundred million downloads. It is rated with 5 stars by around 12 million passionate international players in the Google Play Store. This can be determined with this identification. It is difficult for every fighting game on mobile to overcome the shadow battle.

The story of a deep personality

In the game, players develop into an old legendary warrior, a character who is in the right place in no battle of his life. He went everywhere and was looking for an enemy, an elaborate mission that had excited me to fight. and later in the future he finds Gate Of Shadows, the thin line between the human world and the dark world. With the help of all the vanities of a legendary warrior, he broke the rules and the seal on the door. Suddenly, a large stream of magical energy flowed out of the door, causing his entire body to disappear, leaving the simplest shadow of TiTan. Even when the dark forces are unleashed, he must embark on a journey of damage to conquer all enemies, defeat them, and endlessly lock this door. In different variants you have unforgettable battles with the new, superior TiTan. The world needs a strong warrior so as not to waste it in oppressive darkness. Take part in the special edition Shadow Fight 2 to have the opportunity to experience special martial arts.

Gameplay and elements

The special version of Shadow Combat 2 is an ARPG with typical but extremely addictive combat faces that are stimulated by popular video games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat. You will use the D-Pad control panel on your hand on the screen to control normal attacks (along with punch, kick, jump, unique movement) or dozens of shots and links Use the simple combination of keystrokes. In addition, SF SF 2, with detailed variants from Google, offers you another deadly weapon process to serve your own diversity. In the version of SF SF SE SE, the author of Ne Nekiki also gives you many different privileges. After you spend a small amount (about $ 5), no ads will appear or you will be prevented from conquering this sport. In addition, participants no longer have a strong recovery process. Now you can dive into any battle anywhere, anytime. Every time you have free time, you can turn on your mobile phone and benefit from the good fighting moments as long as you want, when you have the time. However, I don’t inspire you to try this all day, since cellphones definitely want time to relax.

The secrets of truth on the back of the Sensei Islamic Platform are now being discovered with the help of Nekki for the era of this sport, often not mentioned before. Collect as many gems as possible in each battle and equip the warrior with a weapon and armor. The simpler the armor, the superior the weapon, the easier the combat ability, the higher the risk of victory. In addition, the plot method will likely open in 7 special chapters that will open for the phase of the map. Guide TiTan warriors to defeat all evil characters from the dark world, thereby reaffirming a warrior’s inherent trust and arrogance without worrying about complexity.

Basic control functions have been developed to improve the touch screen. The promise of a more fluid and manageable player to grasp the in-game approach is a different story. Animation still has inherent versatility. Entertainment attacks can be multiplied to give participants more fun than the average Shadow Battle 2 variant.

Challenges and game modes

This sport consists of 5 special disadvantage levels that you can choose before the fight, including handy (blue), medium (yellow), hard (orange), crazy (pink) and none (red). In a single mode, you only have to try a little in raw mode to still win, preferably insane levels and unimaginable levels to reach a completely high level of The project requires a close fight and highly competent professionals have the opportunity to participate.

In addition, Shadow Combat 2 or SE runs in two of the most important and secondary modes. In the main mode, you will meet up to 7 special bosses, similar to 7 chapters in history. Each boss has 5 guards if he defeats all 5 people. You can assign tasks to him. See that they are very strong and that the crisis will develop step by step with history. It is important to equip yourself with powerful expertise and weapons. The secondary mode is the best mode to make profits when buying devices and to expand your expertise. Finally, it can be said that Shadow Battle 2 SE created a wave thanks to the ingenious and beautiful talent method. In addition to the weapon system and complex actions, it also offers players undeniable expertise. Regarding high-end combat video games, the sport has bought lots of stories and confident feedback from the World World gaming district and even science-intensive websites.

MOD data?

– license removal test;
– After starting the sport, click on the round button in the top left to open the mod menu with the possibility to switch on endless money (will be shown in every fight after winning).!!

Version: 1.0.8
Size: 115M
Google Play Link


Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition [MOD] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Thanks for downloading!

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