Shadow Fight 2 (MOD, Coins/Diamonds)

> After a long liberation, Shadow Combat 2 was updated with many new elements. Improved the unity of the four graphics engine, new missions and many new enemies.

Several years in the past when villains were played, some of the mechanisms that could be achieved for cells that made shadow fighting one of the most famous names were preserved. At that time, these devices were not upgraded with modern technology and all events were delayed if the sport had too high graphics. Nekki created a system to play the characters that were designed with the greatest impact of their silhouettes. This minimizes the photo, but maximizes smoothness. Everything focuses on an essential part of a fighting game that is a combination of attacks and attacks against every person.

Entertainment goal battle cell!

After several years of good performance with the best success in the market, it started to weaken than its brothers. Of course, we find that mobile phones deal with increasing intensity and make the cell a miniature computer. Previous video games that worked particularly hard on this platform are now able to become much smoother. Given this obstacle, Shadow Battle 2 is definitely a product that the manufacturer’s photo wants to refresh in the eyes of the buyer.


If you talk a little bit about Nekki, you’re a game publisher and Google Play liberator with a few products that are getting big hits. and they seem positive with simple silhouettes. However, one trait that makes participants bored is a diverse legacy. and for the success of the shadow fight many goods imitated this personality design and achieved character successes.

Kick, hit, climb and shrink

The basic gameplay of Shadow Combat 2 is still almost identical to the historical version. There are also innovations that gamers can easily appreciate. First, people often watched the resistance battle in the previous conversation. However, this new version adds role-playing elements to make the sport more individual. This makes participants more active in controlling their personality. And much more effective when sport uses historical mechanisms.


The mechanism of action for this sport is the same because in the past players were offered two keystrokes on the screen. The left side can be a similar stick so that the player can control his personality by moving forward, backward, jumping and down. The exact part can be a combination of combat actions that correspond to hitting, kicking and, after a certain level, releasing specific expertise. However, the possibilities are not the most important factors in the form are the mixed attack and the two common attack nodes. When you combine them together, unique combinations are created, all of which can be separated and described in a table. Most players have to rely on the method to manipulate their skills, but observation is very important.

Great intuitive controls

Apart from changing the combination of skills, everything depends on the weapon used. Regular players have no element, character or talent at all. If you don’t use weapons, you have to fight with your arms. Weapons can have their own characteristics. Combined with the combo, a martial art is created. The best players should master the weapons you simply prefer so that you can fight with all opponents afterwards.
In addition to weapons, players can also equip their characters with items that resemble armor, helmets, hats, etc. You will have the equivalent of security and attack. Each of them has a unique content that allows players to play their own battles. The ability to aim is also one of the important tools for a particularly comfortable fight. Players have to choose their personal talent qualifications, and basically the main test is to kill a brand new boss who can have this ability. There will be elements and a cooldown in that direction, maybe there will be an interaction with the player’s device.

2. Image with creative shape

The photos of this sport have been mentioned many times on the best 2D platform, but can satisfy the participants. This is mainly due to the character’s smooth running and the ever-changing variety of gameplay and modes. This event will likely review each stage according to the topic, while you will be transported to another world in division mode.

MOD data

– Unlimited money / cash / diamonds / browse for free!!

Google Play Link


Shadow Fight 2 [V2.3.0] [MOD] [APK FILE]

Shadow Fight 2 [V2.2.2] [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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