Dragon Ball: Strongest Warriors

> Dragon Ball: The strongest warrior is a functional game entertainment that is advertised by the comic series of the same name. Bandai Namco will be the real writer of this game. Currently, players can sign up for a closed beta to experience this game beforehand

Having started in 1984, Dragon Balls has become one of the most important manga / anime icons. You will find that after more than 30 years of operation and progress, this producer continues to open new episodes. The extremely large Dragon Ball is still loved by fanatics around the world and watches every episode. In recent years, as the games market exploded and developed into a market with opportunities for thousands of fans, the producers, like Dragon Ball, have had many fans out of reach. from famous entertainment manufacturers. language. There are many products that create console and video game systems, as well as a number of mobile video games that started on both Android and iOS.


Role playing game by Bandai Namco

The owner of this brand, Bandai Namco, can also be a giant developer who immediately uses his new content to make video games. The Shanghai division, which is based in China, is responsible for the design phase. This product was offered at the Chinajoy Gala 2017 and exhibited in many remarkable game exhibits. In August of this year, the publisher started a closed beta test. Agile gamers could test it with their gadgets.


Gather yourself full of heroes, train them and fight

Bandai Namco will continue to release today’s game trailer at Chinajoy 2018. Players will likely be ready to specialize in context, fight well, and assert themselves in this sport. You will witness Son Goku from childhood, the main battle with Picollo, Tien Shinhan, Frieza. This could be the main battle, later this can lead to another part like GT, Kai, or very big. These are simple guesses and not detailed tips from the sports publisher.


Large open world map

The simplest solution for personality control is the left joystick on the right side, the general attack button and 4 personality controls that mix with other options. Various parameters such as blood, strength and expertise are stored in a box at the top of the screen so that the player can recognize them normally. similar to a small map, with goals and instructions for players to complete tasks.


3D graphics are especially needed for an ARPG like Dragon Ball: The strongest warrior. In the first-person role-playing game, the players recognize all attacks and the situation at the entrance. The secret is no longer a technique, but it’s an agile way to dodge an opponent’s attack and conveniently use his combo to maximize damage and minimize damage. on.!!

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