Dragon Ball Legends (MOD, One Hit/God Mode)

Dragon Dragon Ball is probably the most general and modern anime / cartoon on the planet. Dragon Ball tells of Son Goku’s journey, with a passion for studying immortal martial arts. He followed the martial arts path to capture knowledge and explore the arena with his friends in search of dragon balls. He met and resisted the evil intentions to rule the area. This comedy has a special charm and an interesting plot, which makes it one of the best commercial comics in the world. Dragon Ball is no longer the best-known film and comic film today, but Dragon Ball has also been included in a game and released exclusively by entertainment developer NAMCO BANDAI with the name DRAGON BALL LEGENDS. This game is based on the storyline of the original variant and allows players to take part in exciting journeys.



DRAGON BALL LEGENDS was built after the event of power and revival of 12 universes. Kai-Oh King found the strongest and decided to organize Time so that all characters from extraordinary times can become members. In this case, the presence of another personality, shallot. He is a Saiyan who has been sleeping, waking up for years and just remembering his name. During this event Shallot got to know Zhaha and discovered some insights about this event: The winner receives 7 dragon balls and the dragon grants a wish. After receiving this information, shallots teamed up with Bulma and Jaco and looked for the strongest warriors. In one battle, shallot was once defeated with the help of Raditz, but the god defeated Beerus to respect his characteristics and ordered Vegeta to guide shallots to do better. Goku realized that there were some big problems in this match. He decided to team up with Shallot to learn more about the secrets that Kai-Oh had hidden during the time event. Can Goku, Shallot and the other teammates win the championship with the help of Beerus? Decipher the secret at the same time?



DRAGON BALL LEGENDS track the game to enjoy its function. During the fight, the player decides whether to fight for his character to destroy the enemy. However, every skill used by the player eats mana, and when that mana is exhausted, the participant wants to use the mana rescue know-how or use various aid programs. In each fight, prospective players can provide up to 3 characters and designate one character for the fight. Every character has a limited life force and that character will die when the vitality is exhausted. The eager players can switch to different characters to fight. Try to destroy all three characters from the opposing staff to win the final. Overall, the gameplay of this game is fairly simple, the controller is optimized for design, the most effective is the skill on the screen, and the player touches the screen to change the action path. ,


Many entertainment modes

There are three game modes to choose from: Research mode, Adventure mode and PvP mode. In evaluation mode, you can particularly take part in the time and details of the action I presented above. The fight is designed as a puzzle and you have to turn it over. In PvP mode, you compete against other players instead of fighting AI in the rating mode. Also cruise mode. This can be a favorite mode from the perspective that it comes with a lot of priceless parts, and you should use the assets that this mode comes with to increase your personality.



The personality method in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is fashionable among fashion comedians. You will see Son Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, Nappa, number 17 and many different characters. The game also identifies three future characters: Goodbye Shallot, Time Zahha and Gib Giblet.

Shallot is an important figure in this sport, he is a Saiyan and has a pastime to fight better individuals like those of his breed. The Zahha is a small personality and looks best in report mode. He is an anonymous breed and was the first member to join Shallot. Giblet is Shallot’s twin brother and also a character who appears to be most effective in rating mode. In addition to possessing this character, the player may even have to fight the giblet in chapters 2 and 3 as a boss.


The characters in this conversation are layered, and that’s what all the pros and cons are. The pie chart contains a total of 5 lessons in color: red (purple), yellow (YEL), purple (PUR), green (GRN), blue (BLUE) and two lessons in mild lightness (LGT) and darkness (DRK). However, when participants use characters from the DRK category, battles with 5-color characters are prevented compared to characters with LGT. However, there are two simplest characters that belong to two specific classes, namely shallot (LGT) and Giblet (DRK). In addition, players can use resources to improve characters and fight for potential. When characters are upgraded, they become more appropriate and improve in terms of damage and security.

MOD information (Credit: Platinmods & Libre)

1. Remove anti-fraud only
1. The whole battle challenge
1. 1 win
2. Kill 1
Number three. The whole battle challenge

1. MOD ON / OFF via configuration file
2. One hit kill
3. Spirit mode
four. Completed all challenges (Usually completed phase)
5. Win immediately
6. Working in PvE + PvP

Words: Don’t ask MOD while playing the tutorial!

MODV4 approval!

– word: To run this app, you need to provide storage and overlay permissions for this app if you use Android 6 or higher. Otherwise the menu engine will crash! (Video consultant)
– From 2: Don Destiny forgot to find your VIP license!
– Note 3: To close the menu, click on platinmods.com above!
– Note four: If you see the double menu symbol, the drive closes the sport. Application information -> forced closure. The Didn menu was closed correctly the last time it was used.!!

Version: 2.2.0
Size: 50MB
Google Play Link


Dragon Ball Legends [MOD V1] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Dragon Ball Legends [MOD V2] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Dragon Ball Legends [MOD V3] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Dragon Ball Legends [MOD V4] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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