Tank Stars (MOD, Money/Premium)

What was the scariest thing in the infantry conflict? Of course, the armored cars are solid and can destroy the first class. Cannons fired in countless yards, the flames created powerful explosions that extinguished the enemy, which was the terror of all infantry on the battlefield. The tank can easily destroy everyone, but it’s not convenient to damage the tank. They are like giant beasts served by the god of death. But these days the tanks will not be scary, but there will be no problem with the very nice cars in the extremely attractive sports game Tank Stars with many attractive recommendations. – playmate.


how to play properly

If a person is a discerning fan of jute coordinates like the jute coordinate, then this is definitely a tank variant of the handsome young man in it. Tank Stars is almost a tank entertainment, and when you join this sport you get a tank with interesting graphics. Your task is to break the enemy tank, win it and get lots of rewards.


This can be a real-time combat arcade and an enemy tank managed by a participant. Show your medication calculations here. The two stand on both sides of the frame and in a short difference each part is shot at the enemy once. The vitality bar of each car is displayed at the top of the screen. If the power bar is exhausted at a certain time, the tank explodes and dies. The winner belongs to the other side. During the burning process, you can transfer the armor roll completely to achieve the best possible result without being affected by the restrictions. That you can also find your arsenal with artillery shells, missiles, double injuries and even atomic bombs, if you are sure that you can take out your enemies quickly. Calculating the path of missiles or bombs is relatively important as they determine your victory in this difficult outfit.


Every time you win you will receive a reward. They are weapons that can increase your damage, so you will definitely be profitable in the next battle. can also be increased by means of two, increased by three, increased by means 4. It can be a new weapon equipped inside the tank. It can be an item that increases the strength and power of the tank. Or items that help tanks move over any distance without having to move slowly step by step. You can also get a large amount of gold to buy tanks. New with a higher shape, greater strength.



The game has very simple graphics, no longer too picky. Weapons and tanks, however, are beautifully designed, easy to see and create more sympathy. Indifferent colors, dark backgrounds and lively tanks, the aftermath of a well thought-out bombing, make you think logically as if you were on a real battlefield. The lively sound of the car, the sound of moving cars and the sound of mines, well, because the sound of victories is quite pleasant you have to see it?


The final part

If you’re a big fan of combination shooting sports, download it and stay with Tank Stars MOD to master such entertaining and challenging moments. Control your tank and hit the enemy, that’s the easy way. Let yourself be surprised whether your calculations are correct and become a first-class tank monitor! Become a member and play!

MOD data?

A large amount of stone and cash;
Deactivate advertising and coaching;
After starting the sport, click the round button in the top left to open the menu mode, in which you can open all tanks (for mods to work properly, you must first buy all vehicles. Increase the feasibility to make money earn, and then change this item – you can’t upgrade the high-speed tanks!)!!

Google Play Link


Tank Stars [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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