RACE THE SUN (MOD, Currency/Life)

RACE THE Solar – have you ever felt like a day with excessive 24 hour experiences? fast or not anymore? If it is really a very long time for a free man or woman to have fun in a day. But for busy people, they don’t even have time to get a good night’s sleep. So there are some crazy suggestions that want to last a day longer than a set time. To be honest, it’s a stupid idea, but what if you could chase the sun? It is proven that the sports manufacturer Flippfly LLC has become an important part of its progressive structure. The Sun Race offers players an extremely new experience with old gameplay.


Players are allowed to pilot an airplane chasing the sun. The challenge is limited, by the way. If you happen to find that the game is based on a basic arcade sport. However, the creativity of the manufacturer in terms of image, speed and story has reached a new high.



The aircraft you can trade with is not the same as the general diesel-powered aircraft on the market. Perhaps the most technologically advanced know-how for this is operation with solar energy. This means that the plane has to draw power from the sun to work and fly forward. Difficulties occurred when the plane wanted to consume a large amount of vitality, but the sun had set in a traditional cycle. So this plane has to run towards the sun.


When participating in this sport, players can be guided to a screen based on vertical information. The manipulation mechanism of this sport is really simple when only one finger is ready to manipulate the entire game. Airplanes in the Race the Solar move forward regularly, and the participant dares to move their finger to the edges of the screen to stay clear of obstacles placed on the screen.



The fascinating thing about this game is the extremely brilliant obstacles. For example, with conventional products, most obstacles hinder their effectiveness and shape, similar to complex vertical columns. But for Race the sun, players are faced with a fence of unusual shapes and colors. While playing at a higher level, challenges can be much more difficult. They don’t lie down, they start to move, fall to the side or suddenly turn to another scene. They are all as motivated as distracting players and can quickly lose their lives if they are not careful. The main purpose of forging is to focus on the course that is optimized to reach the highest rank, in a reasonably short period of time. Speed ​​problems and thrills create great excitement and bring luck when players win in an exhibition. The main rule to keep in mind is not to let the plane crash, to stay in the sun, and to have no sluggish accounts.!!

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