Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game (MOD unlimited Zaps)

Every time we believe in gangsters, we often look at street thugs that harm and annoy others. How can you live such a boring life? All day there is nothing else than going to the pub, going to the pub and smashing things, causing mischief and fighting anyone they don’t like. They are stressed people. What if you became a real gangster sooner or later? The answer is that in Mayhem’s martial arts, a sport that was launched through the release of Vivid Games S.A.

Fight with friends online!

As you participate in the game, you become a cool, cool gangster man. Stay with your teammates, take a taxi to the bar, and carry guns and puzzles. There are many people in the bar who have to fight with you; Huge numbers, make sure you win if you fight them. After active training, compete against a large and notorious team to be in touch with your opponents right now!

This sport is based on levels and missions that fight on the map. You will receive a bonus every time you reach the degree. Your opponent will develop more smoothly, so you need to quickly improve your strength and apparatus to buy your character and improve them well to be ready to fight. Every time you level up, you increase your stats, which is reminiscent of speed, health and harm, as well as dealing with injuries. As you level up, you can open up new characters, choose your favorite characters, and improve your combat strength with you. The weapons are also very rich and attractive, and you can buy them from retailers based on the strength of all kinds, which will vary the money you have to spend. A swimsuit that suits you is nothing more than quality. They can be leveled and there are many varieties. And it’s not just sophisticated weapons like baseball bats, knives, swords, bows, etc., but also heavy weapons that match bombs, grenades, weapons, etc. use.

It is a matching card game in 1vs1 battle mode. This is a paradise for many who want to support their expertise and flexibility and want to categorize their ownership. Look out for the blue HP hanger in a high position during combat, make sure your healing aspects are always better than your opponent’s, and win the final. Increase your strength to develop defense, resistance, and personal injury. Good character control like simple reflexes, good tactics will help you win more comfortably.

3D image

Online sports photos are animated, the colors are very bright and easy to navigate, and the button design is easy to navigate. Extremely designed personality with special and friendly photos that attract attention will delight every participant. Guns with lots of guns will keep you busy with great things. The clear, lively sound also gives the participants a feeling of security.


The Mayhem War – the relatively MOD fighting game is a sport that is worth trying pk 1vs1, particularly interesting. that you can also invite friends to play together to be improved. And if you’re angry, it’s the perfect place to relieve stress! Do not stay for anything anymore, but no longer with the full gangster fight and immediately become the outstanding winner of the game!

MOD: Unlimited amount (press the back button in the widget to reach a thousand amounts.)!!

Version: 1.5.4
Size: 150MB
Google Play Link


Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game MOD (APK FILE)

Thanks for downloading!

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