Falcon Squad (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gems)

What about the big universe? Is there a race with more power than people? Galaxy battle can happen? Will there be a day when humans can build a spaceship and fight monsters or enemies that have to take over Earth? For a long time people have always imagined themselves out of the sky, about another world that they definitely have. The imagination always brings men and women to beautiful ideas when heroes or supernatural beings can fly out of space. Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy, celebrities of war, episode or other story, family films that everyone loves and wants to keep up with. There are also a number of contradicting video games on the market, such as Falcon Squad – Guards Of The Galaxy, an interesting battleship entertainment game by the author OneSoft Studio.

Guardians of the galaxy

Falcon Squad is a simple conversation. If you participate in recreational activities, you have enough strength to control the spaceship, and you have to fight in different stages of the universe and destroy the cosmic monster that roughly destroys the path. The fewer monsters on the main level of the house are more offensive, the denser and more annoying they are, the greater the area coverage. After destroying everyone for a very long time, take your warship straight to the hiding place, each level has a different boss and they have the same characteristics as especially big and bad. , Wild. It will take a lot of time before you ruin it. In the meantime, attack equipment such as sister ships or bombs is often used for you, from which you can fall.

It is extremely difficult to overcome, but once the boss is destroyed, he drops many other valuable items for you, gives you a shotgun and increases the number of bullets or the power of the boss. Bullets, bullets, etc. As you cross the galaxy and destroy bosses to protect the universe, monsters whose subordinates kill you can also fall out of them. Problems reviving you. They fall off the bomb during the fight. So you have to be very twisted to stop them and destroy as many enemies as possible.

Many difficult challenges

The game has very simple elements. It fights and reloads. There are some weapons that you can recognize by color when they drop like laser bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets and many others. With each turn one of the balls, e.g. B. Using bullets, bullets, or bullets, except for the boss, who is curious about the target, use laser bullets or arrows. There is a ball you need to know. Help increase the number of balls. Increase the number of balls to look out for by a maximum of five times.

One thing to keep in mind: Although space monsters can move from the Prime Minister to the stern, flap their wings or move from the corner of the screen, your warship can only have one type of movement. In any case, guard the front of the ship. So watch out for monsters that don’t drive straight or pass by, as you don’t have an area to shoot if they shoot once. How to move between tracks.

Picture and sound

The game’s graphics don’t have many different highlights, but the highlight is that this sport has created a whole new class when each field is filled with more than a few monsters with specific shapes and how they are. are the extraordinary balls. Enforce high flexibility for gamers when you move fastest with little benefit. The sound of explosions, pops, explosions, explosions and explosions promises you hours of fun and entertainment that requires a lot of flexibility and concentration.


Falcon Squad MOD APK is a fun and valuable game that you can try. If you want to apply persistence, adaptability, and attention, this is a great option for you. Oh, astronauts, download games and fight for the protection of the universe!!!

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Falcon Squad MOD [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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