Beat Cop (MOD, Unlocked Full Game)

Police are people who help the government enforce laws. They are the people who keep the order of the people, a stable fulcrum for the people to rely on, and who protect them from the scourge, robbery or even murderers. So have you ever wished to be a police hero and do these things yourself? Beat Cop is a place for you to act as a police officer and be able to express your imagination in a new world created by 11-bit studios. I wonder what 11-bit studios bring in this game?



Beat Cop is an immersive adventure game, set in the 1980s in Brooklyn, New York. At this time, New York is one of the most influential cities in the world. However, along with the booming economy, technology, and trade, the crime rate in this city also increased alarmingly. Jack Kelly is a policeman who has been assigned to investigate the mass killings going on in this city. Jack Kelly’s boss is looking forward to him a proper answer to this crime story. Now, Jack Kelly has to act as a police officer and has to investigate mysterious murder cases like a detective. Will you help him?


New York, more like a beast than a city

In this game, you will play the role of Jack Kelly and replace him to ensure order for the Brooklyn street, and find the criminals who are hiding somewhere in this city. Although it is just a simple Indie game, Beat Cop can give players a real police feel. Every day, you will do things like a real-life cop: handle violations like illegal parking, arrest robbers, talk to people and help them solve troubles… If you are a policeman friendly or chatting with the people, sometimes you can discover the circumstances through the information they provide, giving you the basis to investigate the cases great.


For example, when you are investigating a crime scene, you can whisper to the people around you, and convince them to provide useful statements to you, or you can threaten them, put them in jail if they don’t listen to you. But sometimes if you don’t want to be a righteous policeman, you can be a bit corrupt like taking bribes from those who are administratively sanctioned or hiding their crimes to help them. However, you need to remember that your non-integrity behaviors may be discovered by others. Be careful to avoid being accused by others, affecting your reputation. 11-bit studios cleverly put this element into the game to increase the player’s real sense, and also the point that makes players love this game the most.


Sum up

Beat Cop has successfully portrayed the lives of police officers, often faced with tremendous pressure and dangers lurking around. You will have to continually work to solve the problems that take place around Brooklyn to prevent bad things from happening. Download Beat Cop and try playing a role as police guy Jack Kelly. The game promises to bring you many unforgettable feelings.

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