Beat Cop (MOD, Unlocked Full Game)

The police are a person who assists the government in enforcing legal orders. They are the ones who keep everyone in order, a fixed linchpin that people can rely on and which protects them from misfortune, theft or even murder. Have you ever wanted to be a police hero and do these things yourself? Beat Cop is a place where you can act like a cop and flesh out your imagination in a whole new world created by eleven-bit studios. I wonder what the eleven-bit studio brings to this conversation.



Beat Cop is an exciting touring sport that played in Brooklyn, New York in the 1980s. At that time, NY is believed to be one of the most influential cities in the world. Together with the booming economy, science and economy, the crime rate in cities is accelerating alarmingly. Jack Kelly is a police officer assigned to investigate the mass murders committed in this community. Jack Kelly’s boss follows him in an appropriate response to this crime story. Now Jack Kelly has to act as a police officer and investigate the mysterious murder cases as a detective. Will you help him

Big apple, more of an animal than a city

In this game you play and act as the role of Jack Kelly to create order for the streets of Brooklyn and to search for criminals hiding somewhere in this community. Although Beat Cop is just a simple indie game, it can give players real police consideration. Everyday, you do chores like a real life cop: you can handle illegal parking, arrest robbers, talk to individuals, and help them solve problems if you are one of them, if you speak to men or women, or with Speak to the police, you can usually monitor the situation using the professional tools they provide and get the platform to review the best cases.

For example, if you investigate a crime scene, you might whisper and persuade people around you to give helpful statements, or you could threaten and punish them. complicated when they don’t pay attention to you. However, if you don’t have to be a righteous cop, in general you can be a bit corrupt, e.g. B. Receiving bribes from people sanctioned by the administration or hiding their crimes to assist them. However, you should consider that your integrity behavior is recognized in a different way. Avoid being accused by others, which affects your status. 11-bit studios have cleverly integrated this element into the game to enhance the real experience for participants, and it’s also the factor that excites gamers about the game.


Beat Cop effectively described the lives of police officers who were often under great pressure and at risk of lurking around them. You must constantly work to resolve issues in the Brooklyn area to prevent dangerous things from falling. Download Beat Cop and play the role of cop Jack Kelly. The sport promises you many unforgettable emotions.!!

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