Angry Birds 2 (MOD, Diamonds/EnergyBlack Pearls)

At any time when individuals pointed to Rovio’s name, it was clear that people would think that legendary lovers were crazy fanatics – birds of outrage. It brings a very interesting entertainment, although simple entertainment, but the experience is just not easy. Once it was so fascinating that Rovio was noticed at that time. Unless the group’s products are now warmly welcomed. And perhaps the most successful product is Angry Birds 2. After a long time in which Angry Birds was launched, Rovio has reissued the second variant of this sport. Due to the success that the frustrating bird achieved some time ago, the new fascination of the 2d variant is enough to remove it from the shadow that its man created. And as expected, the revenue Rovio earned from angry birds 2 made everything clear.

Hen good entertainment action!

Birds 2 talks about a fight between crazy birds and piggy banks that enter their home. In order to expand the novelty and attractiveness, Rovio added other bird and pig characters in addition to King Pig. Angry Birds 2 has more than 10 chapters, each with up to forty levels. This gives our new characters a variety of decks to play with, without fear of being overshadowed by previous ingenious elements. To fight the identical historical hog based on the old variant, players are challenged with boss screens at the end of each chapter. These pigs are usually not easy. To deal with this, you need to use the flexibility of each chook. Excellent calculation can be the key to assisting you with the entire reward.

The attractive factor is that each screen can have 3-4 phases for the whole. Not every revelation now returns the usual birds, but the remaining birds are the number of weapons you can complete. In order not to point out the disturbed pigs in the last bar, it should not be practical to kill the pigs. The focus of the topic is the need for calculation and alignment. As in the first version, you can choose any chicken to get started. On-screen tasks are also a big task for you. So keep an eye on everything to get a first class resolution.

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Angry for an out of fashion game, Angry Birds 2 will have more improvements than its predecessor. Effects and photos are no longer as simple as before. They are nicer, nicer, awesome and really better. The details are described in the animation, which makes the problem more flexible, not the first version of Hardy. The design of the game remains the same. The new elements include a basic form consisting of more than a few chapters and levels, which offers a pleasant specialist knowledge to avoid boredom. The sound has improved a lot, but still keeps the fun of the game.

The final part

Angry 2 offers major improvements over its predecessor and is exactly the right choice for you. Excited bird 2 will likely continue to be targeted for Wrath Bird fanatic 1. This could be a huge gift after the long absence of Rovio players. Use the potential of the stimulated Birds 2 sport now for free.

MOD information?

– a lot of energy (no longer wasted when used);
– After starting the game, click the round button in the top left ring to open it

The mod menu can create endless diamonds and pearls (it is also prohibited to use live ones).!!

Version: 2.38.2
Size: 170M
Google Play Link


Angry Birds 2 [MOD] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Thanks for downloading!

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