1945 Air Force (MOD, Unlimited Money)

For a very long time video games with photography games have appeared in flight on older consoles, similar to the Nintendo Wii, which is one of the most important standard video games. Over time, many video games of this genre have been installed on various structures on computers and mobile devices. There are even people who can not afford to buy a console to play with. You need to go to the Game Center to play on arcade entertainment laptops and spend a lot of time and money on it. However, with the development of science, you can play suitable video games on your mobile phone. Immediately download the Air Force 1945 to revive your childhood memories.

The game was created with the support of ONESOFT, an author from the fascinating country of Vietnam. It is the author who has released many different first-class games and can be very popular with many passionate gamers. You just want a normal phone that can download this sport instantly to get high quality. The game is guaranteed to be a reminder of many childhood memories. So what are you waiting for when you download the Air Force 1945?



When you hear the title of the game, guess what this sport is, right? The game takes you back in time to return to World War II. This is undoubtedly one of the two greatest battles of human history in the past. You become a fighter pilot to fight against enemy forces. They have a specific mission to destroy the entire enemy Air Force and all of them. This may be a complicated job for you, but do not be afraid of the reason why you may have the most advanced fighter and the best talent. You will also have companions to accompany you on these missions. Show your advantage and win the army.



The way to play this sport is easy, but in order to win, aspiring players need to be very capable. You fly your army plane into the army hideout to participate in the assigned missions. Your plane shoots automatically, players no longer have to press the fire button. All you have to do is touch the screen with your finger to control the plane. Fights in your plane are moving on the path of your finger action. Switch cleverly to prevent the torrential rain of enemies. You may be able to fight enemies in general to prepare for victory. However, you do not have to hit you until you are dying. In the game, there are probably random enhancements scattered throughout the game. When trying to move your fighter jet to meet these upgraded items, there will be many different types, such as: Change attributes, increase energy, and increase the number of bullets fired. Help yourself to the enemy.



> As an innovation in video game style equality in the 90s of the last century, this sport has many new and progressive points for gamers.


You can choose from 1000 fighters of one type, all equipped with the strongest weapons. In addition, you may have two Fight pages with the main fighter that will assist you on both sides of the main fighter to get help with the Fireplace. The belligerent parties may have one of the advantages of choosing a fighter aircraft that they believe will match their high quality.

several stages

The game has over a hundred unique levels where you can brutally fight and explore. The disclosure becomes more difficult to expand the scope of the drama for the game. Each level may have another great boss, but overall they are very strong and have trouble defeating them. So be sure to stop the bullets being fired to win.


This could be a new feature of this sport, unlike in the past, players have to sit together on a brand new computer to play together. Now only 2 players who have downloaded this conversation can join the game together.



1945 Air Drive has a pixel 2d image structure, although there are many improvements in the phrase pix, it is still not much different than before. This sport will remind you of your childhood and enjoy the same games with your brothers and friends.


Results & Sounds

The effect of the game has been improved with the help of the creative team to make it much smoother than before. For the most part, the sound stays the same as fast as possible, so people feel the familiar feeling earlier. Do you need to evolve to becoming a talented pilot, fighting enemies and protecting the land? Download the drive in 1945 immediately.

MOD information?

1. Spirit mode
2. Infinite coin
Number three. Unlimited gems
four. unlimited
5. No advertising
6. Remove advertising!!

Google Play Link


1945 Air Forces [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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