YuME II: Alice’s Adventures

YuME II: Alice Adventures Adventures – What Can a Young Girl Do in a Dangerous World? If she didn’t have a certain skill now, of course, she had to have a special intelligence to survive. The story takes place in a little man during the war of the gods. Together with his intelligence, YuME will recognize all hidden problems in legends that nobody has ever recognized.


NetEase games have had success with the main part of the series and continue to release the second part in these 12 months. The adventure is based on the elements of the myth and becomes more magical. In addition, the brand new portrait features along with the beautiful landscape are also suitable features. For the most effective $ 1.99 and a mid-range iOS smartphone, you can enjoy YuME II: Alice Storm Adventures. The game can be particularly massive at high impacts. Prepare for around 500MB of free space to get the most out of your entertainment.



Chrysanthemum Yggdrasil is a goddess of the arena in Nordic mythology. It is said to be the source, the bridge and the source of the nine areas. In the legend of YuME’s NetEase series, however, it was once mentioned using light magical means. As soon as it grew enormously, it began to divide into four smaller worlds. The places where the gods come are rich and wealthy.

However, intermittently with darkness. Even if the magical light nourishes the goddess, the dark magic gradually makes her rot. Little Alice wakes up in the darkness spreading in the arena and spurs Yggdrasil to death. A little girl with her mind has to save trees from extinction.


AR Puzzle & Legendary Journey

Players don’t need to have interaction in a fierce battle. However, this doesn’t mean it’s boring, but it does require a certain amount of intelligence. Players strive to use their reasoning to solve what may be the most complex puzzle. This can be a puzzle conversation with immersive controls that make it appealing and energetic. The enthusiastic player will likely be informed of preliminary moves, but will then have to make a decision. You have to move into a huge world and balance the little clues that lead to the story behind the myth.


YuME II: Alice Adventures Adventures also uses the AR game mechanism to help players experience it more realistically. Full 3D snapshots with vivid colors also make it suitable for many ages.!!

Version: 1.8.0
Size: 457 MB
Google Play Link


YuME II: Alice’s Adventures – China Version (APK FILE)

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