Oddmar (MOD, Currency/Invincible/All Level)

Oddmar – Like many entertainment industries, video games require an extremely creative and beautiful stage. Therefore, the manufacturer must examine and provide great content before defining the gameplay, the images of the product. Right here, a look at heroes, fictional experiences or the culture of everyday life is an endless source of ideas for the workforce that are designed to achieve these skills. When do you think an old culture of entertainment was restored instead of a film? The Viking warriors are famous for their power and his adventures are currently turning into Oddmar.



Sport combines many elements of the culture, daily life and customs of the Vikings. However, players will believe in the amusing atmosphere filled with small prints that 1337 & Senri ‘spent a lot of time studying the historical records and folk tales of Northern Europe. Oddmar is also the product of the video game Mobge, which is widely used on the earth market. Because it was released on iOS once, it has received very high customer ratings for this operating system. Concentrate on this success, the upcoming version of the Android operating system is launched frequently. Mobge video games are relevant for the release date. Be sure to take a quick look at them.


Action-platformer travel

In no time you will find that Oddmar Mario is pretty similar since the two video games for the platformer have the same genre. In fact, they had something normal with this style. How the character moves in the game Vikings in the entertainment area run on the screen and scroll from left to right. Unlike traditional ARPG video games, this sport has to interact with many obstacles at the bottom and not with a straight line and spam capacity. These video games can manipulate jumping, walking and running much better. Not to mention that the best way will hit many pickups, traps and thirty opponents that need to be defeated in the era of this sport. During the 25-stage expansion of Oddmar, challenges can be personalized and coordinated through different plant shapes and terrain. Players should be adept at predicting difficult situations to work with to compare the agility of the game. This is likely to be observed fairly closely.


Some of the interesting things in Viking culture are that the mob games on Oddmar are mushrooms. They believe that mushroom consumption will expand their powers and include more than just a few types of mushrooms in the entertainment field. Each breed gives participants a breathtaking form of competence.


Creative 3D snapshots

Due to in-depth studies and efforts to present deep-rooted studies, customs, traditions and beliefs of the Vikings. Smaller important points of tradition are introduced in the course of the game. The costumes and jubilant events also include the generosity of the soldier. Including Oddmar, experts is probably the most interesting point that no filmmaker has ever revealed.


the results

Game maker Mobge Ltd brought you an entertaining game. Soon the Android version will open it for the gaming group. Oddmar will likely be the next studio success that is recognized for products that are well-received for iOS and Android mobile technologies.

MOD Information


– invincible characters (weapons and protection items are also bought in the level)
– Infinite currency (normal immune damage, non-immune fatal damage).
– All levels have been unlocked

[V0.99 b73]

– MOD MOD has the power to unlock all phases (turn on as soon as the game)!!

Version: 0.99 b73
Size: 478M
Google Play Link


Oddmar [V0.99] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Oddmar [V0.99 b73] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Thanks for downloading!

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