Oddmar (MOD, Currency/Invincible/All Level)

Oddmar – As with many other entertainment industries, games require a very high level of creativity and quality. Therefore, before determining the gameplay, graphics of a product, the manufacturer must find out and give an exciting content. Here, stories of heroes, fictional stories, or everyday life cultures are endless sources of inspiration for the design team to take advantage of. So when do you imagine an ancient culture being restored to a game instead of a movie? The Viking warriors are so famous for their power and adventures are now being transformed into Oddmar.



The game incorporates many elements of culture, the daily life, and customs of Vikings. Players will feel the atmosphere of fun but filled with small details that “1337 & Senri” spent a lot of time to study the ancient documents and folktales of Northern Europe. Oddmar is also the product of the Mobge Games are widely distributed in the world market. But since it was released on iOS, it has received a very high rating of users on this operating system. Based on that success, coming will be a version of the Android operating system is widely released. Mobge Games is ready for the release date, so be sure to wait for a short while.


Action-adventure Platformer

At first glance, you will find Oddmar quite similar to Mario because the two games have the same genre as the platformer. In fact, they have something in common with this genre. The first is the way the character moves in the game. The Vikings in the game will run on a horizontal scroll screen from left to right. Unlike regular ARPG games, the game has to interact with many obstacles on the ground, not on a straight line and spam skills. These games have a much higher level of manipulation with complicated jumping, climbing, and running. Not to mention on the way will encounter many pickups, traps, and around thirty opponents to be defeated during the game. Throughout Oddmar’s 25 extensive levels, the challenges will be customized, coordinated through a variety of plant shapes and terrain. Players must be skillful and predictable difficult situations to work to match the agility of the game. This needs a lot of practice.


One of the exciting things in Vikings culture is that the Mobs Games that put on Oddmar are the mushrooms. They believe that eating mushrooms will increase the strength and in the game put in various types of mushrooms. Each type will give the player a variety of impressive abilities.


Artistic 3D graphics

Thanks to an in-depth study and effort to present the stories deeply rooted in the Viking history, customs, and beliefs. Small details of the culture are introduced throughout the game. From home, the costumes and jubilant parties also covered the air of the warriors’ generosity. Oddmar makes the player experience the most intriguing details that no filmmaker ever disclosed before.



Mobge Ltd game maker has given you an interesting game. Coming soon, the Android version will make it continue to spread in the gaming community. Oddmar will probably be the next success of the studio known for well-received productions for iOS and Android mobile systems.

MOD Info

  • Character invincible (weapons and defensive items can be purchased in the level)
  • Unlimited currency (immune normal damage, fatal damage can not be immune).
  • All Level Unlocked

Google Play Link


Oddmar MOD Currency/Invincible [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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