Monster Harem (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Monster Harem is one of those occasional video games that can only give people a bit of a burn and many other big problems. This conversation belongs to another universe that is hidden from what is on the market. If the player wants expertise to be a hero in another world, that’s just the thing. It was an option that, because it was made once, could not be accepted. The game becomes addictive.


You are a typical boy and nothing is clear like many others. The point is, after all, you don’t have a girlfriend in your small room to play video games. Sooner or later, however, you wake up and find that the room is no longer your room. A girl called Arianna – The Light Keeper calls you to this world to save her. This world is threatened by Lord De Struk Shun; He tries to kidnap the queen and conquer the whole kingdom. You are the best hope of the people in this kingdom, create your harem to fight Lord De Struk Shun.


In this world, without boys, the entire people of this kingdom are girls. The contestant is a man called into this world to fight Lord De Struk Shun. The player must name the most powerful warriors in this kingdom to fight the dark navy. The gameplay of this sport is based on card games, but is mixed with tactical elements. Therefore, the players in this game also want to be very careful to develop suitable alternatives.

The avid gamer will be interested in a dungeon battle crammed with special monster shapes. The dungeon in this arcade is built like a maze, so players long to find the right direction. Each time a player chooses a direction, scores a power point, and moves, the participant sees the monster. Every time participants encounter monsters, the game automatically switches to combat mode so that participants can fight.

The game’s combat mechanism was developed in a way familiar to RPG video games. Whenever a player turns around, the participant is shown five playing cards that the participant can use. They have many types and many special uses that correspond to an attack card that can support defense or result cards. What is special, however, is that these playing cards have the image of a female warrior, who all appear very hot. The yearning players choose a card to attack or protect the enemy. However, this is one of the most important steps and the player must be steadfast between attack and defense so that he doesn’t have to lose too early. Each card has a fixed lifespan, and players should choose to use it well with the MP they have. After each round, the MP is automatically reset so that the player can continue to fight.

MOD information?

1. Advanced gemstones
2. Cash extension
Number three. God’s mode
4. DMG x10
5. Unlimited steps in the dungeon
6. Achieve high XP in Fusion
7. 1 char needed for evolution
You should use more characters, but 1 is enough for development!!

Version: 1.3.1008
Size: 43M
Google Play Link


Monster Harem [MOD] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Thanks for downloading!

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