Layton: Curious Village in HD

Layton: Curious Village in HD – Referring to Conan, people think immediately murders grisly murder with judgment and logical thinking of the boy Shinichi. Starting in 1994, it has been around for 24 years now, but readers of the comic book series have not shown signs of decline. To do so, it is thanks to the intelligence of detective boy Shinichi, along with the mysterious circumstances that make the player curious. Do you have the desire to become a detective like Shinichi? Layton: Curious Village in HD will bring you that experience right now. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a mysterious world of this game?



Layton: Curious Village in HD tells the story of the mysterious death of a wealthy landowner named Reinhold. Just before he dies, he leaves behind a shortened version of the will, the man who finds the yellow apple he mentioned in the village of Curious will inherit all of his possessions. His wife, Mystere, wrote a letter to Layton professor of archeology asking for help. Layton, along with his pupil Luke, accepted her request and set out for Curious in hopes of finding the cause of Reinhold’s death and the yellow apple.



Layton: Curious Village in HD is a puzzle adventure game where you and your pupil must find the clues to find the yellow apple. But it’s not just searching and find. You have to go around the village, discover objects, scenery and meet the people. They are the best living proof that will help you clear things up. They will give you some useful information through a series of text conversations, but in return, you must overcome the puzzles they set before you get something. At that time, the interface included a series of objects with definite questions.


However, you need to be able to observe and make judgments to fill in the blank boxes that appear on the screen. To assist you in memorizing and thinking, the system provides * memo * functionality, which allows you to record what you observe and think in the puzzle. When you talk to more people in the village, you will gather more valuable clues to clarify things, but the challenges will get harder and harder!


Sum up

To be a detective has never been so easy! Are you ready to take on the mystery of the Curious Village? Finding the clues, thinking, and inheritance of wealthy old landlord Reinhold. This game has fascinating gameplay, gradually opening up the plot. Besides, the vivid graphics on a 2D background with mysterious sounds will make you feel like you are a detective. Download this game offline

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Layton: Curious Village in HD [MOD] [APK FILE]

Layton: Curious Village in HD [MOD] [OBB FILE]

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