Eyes – The Horror Game (MOD, Unlocked)

Horror sports can basically be the most challenging type of participant, especially now that not everyone is able to fully experience it. Some people are afraid of ghosts. However, we can not deny the fascination of horror sports. They let participants believe that fear and anxiety, a sense of terror more than any game. Eye horror entertainment is probably one of the most popular horror entertainment products in the market today. With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, it has proven its role with players around the world. And it keeps scares on all players.


The story is dark and adventurous

In fact, the success of a horror work lies in photographs and sounds. That you can immediately consider the suppression, if you enjoy this conversation. the whole lot in the dark; Most effectively, a small amount of sunlight is mirrored from small angles. You can not calm down this scene. As a result, the dark corners are always the ultimate location for the ghosts to hide and suddenly attack. but if it’s not an amazing sound method anymore, it’s impossible to describe the horror of this sport. Every time you look into the darkness, it can come to quiet, full noise that makes you think about many problems. However, you can bet on the direction the enemy came from.


RUN !!

The Prince’s Eyes – Horror Amusement Police placed a character he accidentally broke into a mansion at night. The sport did not name his reasons, but only one thing was that he could not find a way out. At first, it inspired that it was easy to return to the historical path, but the whole thing got mixed up, considering that each path was the same. They took him everywhere, without any end signals or output signals. One day, after recognizing two necessities, the young man first got lost in a maze and could have made a decision by leafing through the block scattered clues. Then use accurate knowledge and considerations to find a way out. But the second factor he discovered was a thousand times frightening. There are ghosts in this mansion and they monitor methods to kill the intruder – it’s you.


Everyone knows how to play the game. Participants must complete two tasks at once to find clues and avoid ghosts. Terrible enemies can not be destroyed. They only have one way to escape. Use hand-drawn cards to plan your next move carefully. Before you decide to do a job, you must research carefully and rely on the clues collected to conclude. but most likely it will not exist to prevent gathering spirits; They will come out of the blue to attack you. If you want to maintain your lifestyle, you should run fast. Best method that helps you to save your life.

MOD data:

– All paid sports content will be unlocked (all sports modes, playing cards and characters will be decided).
– The enemy does not kill you;
– The ad is currently not running.
– The use of eyes increases their number.!!

Google Play Link


Eyes – The Horror Game [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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