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Dragon Epic – Idle & Merge (MOD, God Mode)

Dragon is a legendary creature and no one knows whether it exists or not, but many dragon video games have been released. But most of these video games take care of dragons. With Epic Dragon Sports, however, players experience a very special feeling. Everything the player has never seen. This game is a combination of kite and entertainment photography flight to give players a new experience.

The Vikings are a race that appeared on Earth and has met you in the past. They are the leading warriors and dragons that accompany their appearance. This recovery is ready in the Viking world, in a dragon valley called Dragonia – where dragons live. The living dragons listed below are getting better and bigger, they have often lived with people for a long time. but then, in the future, a disaster struck Dragonia, evil enemies with dark energy came to invade Dragonia. So what will happen to this world?

Maintain the mighty dragons

When the dragon world is in danger of being attacked, the only way to survive is to domesticate powerful dragons. It is something that can fight and spoil the enemy trying to deal with this situation. There are many exceptional dragon species that players can maintain to fight the enemy. There are currently more than 20 dragons that need to be cultivated. They are divided into special levels depending on whether they are suitable, irregular, epic or legendary. Each type also has an additional shape that players can explore.

Simple idle game

Unlike the various flights that entertain the entertainment games on the market, players have to face many problems to fight. However, I don’t want this in this conversation because dragons mechanically attack enemies and you don’t have to do anything now. Players only need to upgrade the dragons to give them an edge in combat. Although the sport is very simple, it does not mean that the participants take into account the sadness of what the game brings to the enthusiastic players. On the contrary, it also offers players a lot of interesting and enjoyable experiences that are suitable for those who don’t have much time to practice this sport.

Dragon improved

This is a key factor in the game as it helps players yearn to move on and break all enemies. When enthusiastic players begin their journey, they can use a variety of dragons to fight. But they’re most effective at a long-established level, so they can’t go too far when you need more. Players need to upgrade dragons. Enthusiastic players can upgrade by pulling two twin kites to create a larger stage kite. But to buy dragons and upgrade them further, the player will spend a lot of money. Higher level dragons are similar to irregular and epic values ​​that cost a lot of money to buy and upgrade.

MOD information?


– Immortal
– vulnerable enemies.


– Immortal
– sensitive enemies.

Note: V1.eighty these two are for the most effective arm64 utility!!

Version: 1.84
Size: 62M
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Dragon Epic [MOD V1.84] [ARM64] [APK FILE]

Dragon Epic [MOD V1.83] [APK FILE]

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