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Detective Gallo

Detective Gallo – revolves around our lives, there are always mysterious incidents, skepticism and await an answer. As an alternative to waiting for an answer, look for our solution. Improve your ability to guess obstacles and improve your subtle recognition skills. End of a talented detective like Sherlock Holmes in his mysterious experience with Detective Gallo. This sport has a kind of puzzle, like an unusual adventure that you only have to go by means. Let’s find out what Detective Gallo experienced!


Detective Gallois is powered by classic Disney cartoons that revolve around the protagonist Gallo – an exclusive detective and mysterious cases that happen in a unique city. Police retailers found five bodies on a wet night. This event depressed many residents in the city and created fear. This murder was found on the basis of a person who committed it, and this number does not appear to have stopped. A billionaire who has had so many tragic cases tends to pay a man or woman who can tidy up half of his assets. but nobody seems inclined, Gallo, an exceptional detective, with ideas and practices that can be considered special. Can Gallo answer before someone is murdered?

A noir comedy journey

To play this sport well, you need to materialize some ideas from Gallo, the most important character you control. First stop the relationships and gather knowledge about. Second, do not place religion in children who are always innocent and have the highest faith and rule: do your best, give explanations appropriately. suitable and watch out. Once you have recognized these principles, you will use them to solve the puzzles that this sport offers.

You will travel very far to collect evidence to meet characters like victims, people with shady actions, strollers, shady shopkeepers, others and many more characters. Each of them has special properties that are described in writing by the approach so that you can understand them better. Also use this description to determine whether or not you want to trust the knowledge they convey to you.

Gallo Detective is a game with fairly simple gameplay. Simply select and click to start talking to men and women and go to a specific location. Still, it’s up to you to solve the puzzle. You should review and link the information to find the final answer.

Listen to more than 50 minutes of the usual jazz noir soundtrack!

Detective Gallo is an awesome game. The game is described as a comedy strip, which was built on the second image platform by a hand-drawn fashion designer with a variety of animations. Edit now, join this sport, play detective Gallo and solve the mystery of the murderous events, capture the perpetrator and bring peace to the city.!!

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