60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure (MOD, Water/Food)

Become a member of 60 seconds! Nuclear journey, you will join Ted, a citizen of a small town who often feels bored and bored. Despite being a household, the pillar of his small family is suddenly disrupted by the nuclear cause of the failure. Family happiness is seriously affected, everyone is separate and the Ted family is the same. Therefore, he faced risks and difficulties in getting back to his usual existence. In a completely new, imaginative and mysterious area, you will experience natural, normal approaches for people who like to build new, problem-oriented roads. New horror film.

As Ted, players strive to have nuclear reactor shielding technology to find a way to pass the time and escape the dangers of catastrophic destruction. In order to survive, living people often have to search for food and catch all the things that can help you live to tell stories like hungry ghosts. Over time, strange and surprising problems can affect your potential to exist in any good and unhealthy method. Can Ted win the wrath of disaster to be ready to return to his family? The best way to restrict weight loss and water intake programs is to make them scarcer so that fighting with different people doesn’t improve much.

What you need is to maximize your supply of everything in the world, everything that can help you live and continue to face more complex options. The regulated and dangerous phase can also be attributed to the desert. It’s a place where people don’t want to go anymore. 60 seconds! An atomic journey with accurate gameplay is probably no longer a tactical entertainment journey.

Although the house was designed as a dark comedy in the 1950s, the visuals and sounds of the game are in 60 seconds! Atomic Journey is as simple as Disney cartoons. This is also a way for gamers to enjoy the similarities between their favorite video games and the movie to grapple with their childhood years. The game is simple and interesting, research rave, but not as terrible or terrible as bloody fighting games are nightmares, the riddle of the lifestyle in your regional situation. all over. The best 60 seconds should do it all at once. In search of spouses and children, eating utensils, floating lifestyle devices, where the whole world seems to be heading for you, the familiar single-family home quickly chooses the carpet from disaster.

Become a member of to consider existence in a new world. It is often not necessary to have a quick meal, mostly when a disaster unexpectedly occurs. Get directions from the emergency discussion to find new ways to return to a boring but peaceful life with loved ones. 60 seconds! Atomic Cruise APK has been expanded with more storage space and adapted to users in more languages.

MOD Information

endless food
infinite water
* Don’t use shrink and expand anymore!!

Version: 1.3.117
Size: 100MB
Google Play Link


60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure [V1.1.7] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure [MOD] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure [OBB FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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