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Zombie Raid: Survival (Update v1.0) Paid

Zombie Raid: Survival for Android is a survival zombie game very excited on the smartphone. However, players aren’t marksmen, they are woodworker with only a ruddy ax. Can you pass this difficult journey with that weapon?

Zombie Raid: Survival APK v1.0 download latest for Android

What will you do if suddenly Earth was invaded by bloodthirsty zombies, weird things happen everywhere? And there is a military base nearby but you were just only a woodworker. What should you do to survive in this dangerous world? The only thing you can do is hold on your ax, face to zombies bravely and destroy them. On your way, you will collect powerful weapons, increase your power in order kills enemies and send zombies a message that they aren’t welcome to this world. When they invasion, the most important thing of us is surviving. Of course. That isn’t an easy mission when angry bloodthirsty zombies try to against you, in addition, all weirdest machine already to challenge you such as crazy saws, unmanageable airplane,…
But if you hold a sharp ax or a sharp rifle in your hand and you are smart enough, brave not to hide in the dark corner of fear, there are no obstacles to pay back.

Highlights of survival game Zombie Raid: Survival for Android

Destroying zombies is not a strange name to players on mobile phone. However, all genre are just only shooting make you boring. Zombie Raid: Survival APK is like a “strange wind” dispels this boredom. With attractive storyline, high-quality graphics, and outstanding gameplay, Zombie Raid: Survival for Android is sure to make the devotee of the action game look at first sight. The game is available for $2 on the Google Play Store, but you can download it for free at ModDroid.Com

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Zombie Raid: Survival

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