Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns (MOD, Free Shopping)

The world is growing, so the demand for high-yield goods is too easy to meet. Indeed, genetically modified goods have been invented on a large scale and have hit many countries in relation to food and livestock. However, it is also controversial when such average changes are made. Despite the fact that goods are made for personal use, there are still problems that individuals cannot claim. Zombinf is one of the scenarios that Asmodee Digital has drawn. There zombies are defective goods of the genetic research method of scientists. It accidentally failed and spread the worst virus ever, causing life on this planet to die. The civilizations of humanity as well as the super development of humanity suddenly disappeared. Human Doomsday has come.


Approach & shotgun

But after this occasion there were people who lived on earth, but there were only the shaky members after all. In order to overcome this difficult situation, they still want to survive and collect together. You will play some happy people on this planet. Players with all of their neighbors must show all of their strength, intelligence, and cohesion to be able to stay. You will have to do the whole thing.


In this sport, the whole thing from personality to the big picture can be scary. You will come to work, perhaps the most terrible world I have ever realized. At the moment, zomb damage is the main motivation to find this entertainment. they will be sublime and appear different. Zomb’s suicide was immediately launched to resemble his popular photo as a clinical picture in widely used television works. You will be slow, silly and comfortable to bet. The dangerous success, however, is that they had great tolerance and tolerance. Everything in entertainment is broken, there is no real place on the trail of polluted people. Falling father, debris and a horror hospital will likely be your battlefield. The eager players have to search for hiding places, food and water in order to survive. This world hates people; Everything is designed to eradicate human pathogens. You become a moderate prey. Or a hunter. Searching for yourself is basically the most powerful weapon against zombies.


Chainsaws, shotguns, axes and katana

Zombinf will behave like a common role – engage in movement entertainment with a 1/3 down high view. You will control one of the last living forces in the world. If you follow these people, you will have experience in interesting and impressive experiences. On this timeline, the characters appear regularly and monitor your workforce of up to four people to join the fight. They will manage people and if they have fought hard, they will replace others. They have detailed knowledge, so there are often cases where only one person in a group can resolve or summon them. During forty exclusive missions, your struggle and expertise will gradually be expanded and expanded. The sport will almost always update missions; The problem is getting more difficult.!!

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Zombicide MOD (APK FILE)

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