The video game Azur Interactive is limited to a large and respected sports manufacturer, whose goods are recognized or used by many passionate players. unless they now have dozens of positive goods and are published on Google Play. These games consistently generate a lot of revenue because they meet the needs of the market in terms of genre and best. which you can consult with their game retailers; that you immediately understand that most of them are anti-motion games. The range of games and even military-related content will be available to the sports retailer, making it a gathering place for fighting enthusiasts and a rebound. Box and itinerary. PIXELTHERS UNKNOWN Fighting Floor is one of the most successful products by any author, with over 10 million downloads.


This is a 3D shooter! Gamers will get involved in new battlefields with a simple visual design. The gameplay shouldn’t be too new either. However, it offers sympathy to hardcore gamers due to the fact that this product offers a combination of the 2 most attractive types of gifts. Battle Ground and Block Pixel are two golden eggs of the gaming business. PIXEL Piles UNKNOWN FAO ground fight worked well to be successful. It is not too unusual.

Like many other products of the same genre, gamers find themselves in a difficult position when the world has just gone under. The whole lot will be destroyed and people will face some of the most difficult problems they have ever encountered with their lives. it is this moment that forces them to use all the assets they have to try to survive. More than two dozen people will go to a real battle to find out who is worth the victory and receive rewards for their existence.


Pixel Royale FPS shooter battle

The game takes place in Block City, one of the most mysterious areas on the planet. There are likely to be many rugged hills and mountains surrounding this city, and it is even known as the Destroyer Zone. If you want to get into the world, you have to get in a helicopter and get there manually. When you reach this position, it is very likely that you will parachute and choose the correct landing position. Look for the big prey and fight the enemies you have to deal with here. However, in no case will the loss of defense in this area be reduced if you lose blood quickly as a result. It is absurd not to be killed by enemies and to remove myself from the game. emerged as the last survivor.


Although the sport uses simple graphics and optimized visual designs, it offers a variety of outfits that allow players to vary their style. It is completely understandable if the demand for game enthusiasts is very high. Expressing yourself and your success is the feeling that excites passionate players. The graphics have also been optimized for vulnerable phones. Even though you are using an older smartphone and have a much less powerful processor, the UN PNELOWN UNKNOWN ground fight can still work smoothly. In addition, you can improve the image settings to Full HD. The whole lot remains light and strong in operation.


Cooperation in a sport designed and fought by the military is the most important factor. More than 30 different weapons later so you can choose and customize your techniques. AK, pixel cannons, smg, a few gun barrels and various weapons take part in your fight and aim at special enemies. You can use separate weapons to achieve combat effects. Moderate match. In addition, the approach to relocating to entertainment is very diverse. They can also become agile with military vehicles or often require the pressure of a tank. Everyone very much supports fighting methods. In addition, this game complements the slider and is easy to understand, almost just a copy of the best general controller. A number of small adjustments to skill manipulation, you have to engage in the entertainment, not to forget. In addition, the extensive map enables passionate players to immerse themselves in powerful and complex battles that require patience and first-class game tactics.

MOD Information

After the circular for each person killed, you will receive $ 1,000
Infinite aid package
All characters, skins and emotions are unlocked.!!

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