Pinatamasters (MOD, Free Shopping)

Parties are always a situation that attracts many men and women who consider it an interesting place and there are many games that you can experience. Many indoor parties have video game boards or video games, alfresco dining; Pinata is a nice favorite. Especially with the most ceremonial dinner ingredients, this sport is even more popular.

Pinatamasters is an arcade game developed and released by Playgendary, one of the current fashion sports publishers. This sport is a fun, exaggerated simulation that makes it even bigger and funnier. For example, during basic entertainment at events, players must use a stick to hit a paper horse (including many sweets and candies). Rewards are some of the things that can cope with Game Creator and Paper Horse – kids and adults really like this game.

The addictive arrest game!

Pinatamasters no longer force blindfolded players to play a casual game, but assign tasks to them differently. First, players do not use straight sticks, but use special tools (the first normal break is sticks) to throw on a hovering horse. With every press, the HP bar goes down slightly and many gold coins fall on the screen. You just have to constantly move to the edges of the screen to pick gold, but you also need to effectively adjust the path of the image. In view of the fact that more and more tracks are blocked on the screen to provide cross-border protection for the paper horse. If you click on the line, the attack may be disabled.

Fight colorful and crazy pinatas!

As this is an arcade game, there can be interesting aspects that will help players stay in the game. Pinatamasters give horses the exclusive paper horse of the Vikings with tons of colors. Each game screen can have special ambitions and no longer has to be a horse. Sometimes it becomes a simple metal robot, a monster and even a friend. Most of the time, they will gradually have more stamina and more challenges that can not easily be destroyed.

What do gamers use for all the money they make with their winnings? Direction to improve my energy. With new weapons you destroy enemies faster. First, the stick can yield a little, but with a thorn, it is stronger. There are also bolder weapons such as weapons and even rockets. The higher and better the injury, the more gold coins, the more fun will never end for you.!!

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