Heroes of Warland (MOD, Unlimited Bullets)

With regard to the last page of the sports world, additional graphic entertainment titles are of interest and attention. For example Fornite or PUBG etc. All of this is one thing in fashion: the ability to specialize in suitable 3D photos, animations, realistic and careful design styles. However, the scope of these games is not small and requires a high-end device configuration to experience the best and most interesting games. Music, so it’s difficult to get to the core segment. The developers understood the need for entertainment in the same way – similarly designed games – and started to develop a completely new method to meet the wishes of the players.


Do not specify the game Nitro Oyj in this innovation. The manufacturer recently launched the game Heroes of Warland. The photos are pretty similar to Fornite, but Heroes of Warland are really different with different products. These variations come from the game and its functions. As the main product of the video game Nitro Oyj, when it first entered the game world, Heroes of Warland bought attention and great stories from the gaming district, originally for advertising. promote the popularity of the game Nitro.


Shoot man or woman online

In the game you become one of the many unique heroes. Your challenge is to find and destroy other enemies. With hero types to choose from. Each hero has a special ability, so the participants have to turn to maximize their energy. Each hero is armed with a range of weapons, usually weapons. Depending on the area of ​​the enemy and the way you move, each weapon can have an even greater impact on the enemy. At the start of the fight, you will also have a number of devices at your disposal, most of which are secondary weapons, some for attacking enemies and the rest for catching or handling. expensive.


The specific characteristics of Heroes of Warland are the elements in battle that are so respectable that they are no longer a shooting game to kill the enemy, but have to shoot enough and enough to level the enemy’s blood. Zero. When you fight, you fight in a very attractive 1/3 perspective, which is the difference between Heroes of Warland and Fornite. If you keep an eye on the parameters in the fight and keep the indicators at a high level, this will help you in the fight to the maximum.


Procedures of characters and weapons

Heroes of Warland offers players the desire for a specific personality set. Unlike similarly designed games, the Heroes of Warland character is not an icon. Characters are designed as cards, so that each character has certain attributes and combat skills. This immediately affects the effectiveness of the game. If you earn bonuses from video games, you can use them to improve playing cards and improve your personal combat skills. However, these Don-Don playing cards can be played during the game. To get them, you must first buy them or take part in quests, and the game system will reward you.



This kind of 3D design gives a realistic, lifelike feeling like a real fight. The 1/3 view gives players a more focused view of the fight so you can keep an eye on all healthy and surrounding enemies. Feel like a gun battle to bring the most realistic experience. The effects and images are carefully and gently polished to ensure flexibility and sophistication in every detail. The parameters are visible, easy to recognize and easy to follow.



Heroes of Warland is a fairly necessary sport. Since photos are often unpopular for sports games, Heroes of Warland is great for reducing equipment conditions and better for players. Taking Heroes of Warland is a new touch of expertise for you.

MOD Information

Ammunition change, consumption will not decrease, had to replace ammunition!!

Version: 1.6.0
Size: 200MB
Google Play Link


Heroes of Warland [MOD] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Heroes of Warland [OBB FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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