Fidget Hero Ninja (Update v1.6) Mod Unlocked

Being a hero is a must-have for most people as a child. It shows the strong, brave from not only the movie superheroes but also the desire to protect the world, to keep the human peace. So that dream you want to do now? Our world is being threatened by the evil mafia powers, join the Fidget Hero Ninja game to fulfill that unfinished dream.

Download Fidget Hero Ninja (Update v1.6) Mod Unlocked for Android

An employee named Sam, struggling with boredom at the office and feeling unwilling to continue this passive life. While accidentally helping a passerby from the bandit. He felt the desire to do something to bring peace to the world, so he became a ninja warrior in Fidget Hero Ninja. Become the superhero of all time. Enemies appear everywhere and become dangerous criminals. Who will help people escape those names? The Japanese mafia with the juniors spread out and threaten people anywhere, they loot, break and even kill people.

Play as a courageous ninja hero with the desire to help innocent people. Players will fight and must make the thugs give up. Use superior fighting moves like Hollywood movies or mysterious Kungfu moves to knock down your opponents with the onscreen controls. Sometimes I have to work as a police officer, sometimes as a detective and police and armed forces to protect justice. Become a real hero, along for the country, ready to fight for sacrifice for the nation. Take on adventures, adventure and bring great experiences as the dark heroes are both challenging and arduous. Try to achieve the highest accomplishment of the task and get promoted. You can become the leader of the group for big goals.

Fidget Hero Ninja APK will have two main modes for players to choose from. Normal play mode and in the dark. With these ways, the user can select as desired. This will make the difference because, in the dark, it seems the actions of both the controller and other characters become more difficult to guess. Fights in the dark are also difficult to avoid. It stimulates the player and brings a different difficulty than the other. A fighting game with many weapons and new action. The villains were allowed to go out, they even brought their weapons to threaten the people, so they wanted to fight them. Players must also equip their characters with the necessary equipment to fight them. Learning stealth and fighting skills like the true ninja of the land of the rising sun, this is not the only thing and forcing a hero to have but to have more power and skill and also It’s a wise way to fight against the dozens of buffalo heads on the horse’s face.

The sound and background music used in the game is also unique and very suitable for this kind of action game. Besides, with HD graphics extraordinarily eye-catching and excellent through combat tactics to defeat the mafia, the user must also admire the dodgy lines of the characters they control. Propaganda calls for people to fight together against the mafia. If you only attend to the power of a star can thoroughly summarize them. Just the unity of the people together, surely the fight against the villains, the black will succeed.

This is the ultimate street fighting adventure with Kung Fu Ninja for action game lovers. Start defeating enemies with what you can do, like using samurai swords in the game. Let the enemy be miserable with the quick attacks of a ninja. Invisible, and sneak into the base of them to know the mafia conspiracy. Do not let the underworld become more and more rampant and be able to attack people on the street. Come to Fidget Hero Ninja, where you can enjoy this fun action game with just the phone in your hands against the undercover mafia boss.

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