Dawn of Isles

Survival Netease is one of the most watched series on the planet today. You are one of the hardworking game manufacturers in this highly competitive industry. Players can track their dizzying release progress within a month. At least they launched five video games in a short time. However, they all meet strict standards for variety and comfort.


A new world of vivid and clear images!

Isles’ Dawn is a brand new entertainment in the survival genre that was released on Netease last week. Although a young man was born late, even though the market is often saturated, he still has his own peaks to draw the attention of the international gaming group. The first thing gamers pay attention to is photo design. This depends on two motives: photos and animation. Isles’ Dawn has had positive comments from many players.


In the beginning, the most important figure could be brought to an island where there is nothing, now even without a trace of humanity. This is really a desert island; Nobody ever set foot here (and often doesn’t care). And you are the first to return and give it a different color than the mind and the mind of man. Full 3D graphics describe this world in detail so gamers can realistically specialize it. If you like to watch the latest Chinese cartoons, the best suggestion is the same. The personality is drawn with many details of the face and elegant outfits. Amazing landscapes with lots of brilliant ordinary scenes are waiting to be explored by you.


Combine your opponent’s intelligence and enemies

Daybreak of Isles follows the path of developing a challenging world with the MMORPG game of hardcore gamers. Gamers will experience the lives of people who live far from the latest civilization and struggle to protect their lives. But in the end they are still happy and live a meaningful life with their friends. With the average survival game in which humans have to struggle with nature to get the specs for improving their lives, the beginning of Isles is also a struggle expert.


First, while getting lost on the island for the first time, you won’t have too many challenges, just looking for a problem to consume and where to sleep. Once you’ve calmed down a bit, you need to find more evolutionary things in your life. But there is no shop here, so you have to do everything yourself. This is an interesting and strange DIY expertise you have ever experienced. You have to travel around the island to find important materials and produce what you like. If it is vulnerable, update it as well. If you have a stable career, explore this situation quickly. In the depths of this island there are surely also the secrets that are protected with monsters. Players can combine the knowledge they have learned with the powerful machine they have created for the fight. These violent battles, like the experience of an action role-playing game. If the project is just too difficult, you have to bring together many different actors.!!

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