Bullet Strike: Sniper Games (MOD, Scope Increases)

Guns are the most dangerous and powerful weapon of mana at this moment. However, the damage cannot be as big as a bomb, but it can kill people quickly and flexible. Since the 14th-15th centuries, some have created a perfect gun that has specific strengths and is maintained to this day. The battles became simpler, not complicated and as long as ancient with sword and sword again.


Since then, people have a new hobby when they continually invent new weapons and learn how to use them wisely. However, people are no longer allowed to use this dangerous weapon. Only the military can own guns. So people try to simulate games that are related to this military weapon to satisfy their own passions. Bullet Strike: Sniper Games is a new shooter game that has just been released on the popular Google Play download platform. It does not give the player a strong, agile and oppressive experience like other shooters. Bullet Strike: Sniper Games allow the player to become a sniper, using the guns that are used for this task. It will show a different perspective on the use of guns.


The publisher of the game, Horus Entertainment also has a website of their own. Including all the information, as well as the games they have launched so far. They all have incredibly beautiful designs and graphics that appeal to players. Various gameplay and follow the trend of the market today.

The first thing that is most interesting when you participate in the game Bullet Strike: Sniper Games – Free Shooting PvP is the real-time combat mode with other players around the world. PvP mode is always needed in games of this magnitude. After victorious battles, you will have huge rewards. Use it to equip yourself with new and powerful guns. Besides, buy yourself armor that can withstand the accurate shot of the enemy. There is still a chance to win.


If you do not want to change your favorite gun with a different gun, rest assured about it. Game Bullet Strike: Sniper Games – Free Shooting PvP also offers some accessories for you to attach to your favorite gun, as well as upgrade it with stronger stats than before. Use your gun all the way from the beginning of the game, and upgrade more powerful, killing enemies around you. There are even guns that can penetrate the entire wall. The more distant the object is, the greater the amount of money received.

MOD Info

Modify the shortening of the loading time, the magnification of the scope increases, do not pull the magnification down to the maximum, easy to get stuck.

Google Play Link


Bullet Strike: Sniper Games MOD (APK FILE)

Bullet Strike: Sniper Games (OBB FILE)

Thanks for downloading!

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