BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Have you ever suggested joining the Challenge Force? Or, for example, a mercenary. For those who are passionate about the action genre, there is of course the same creative creativity. But it is much safer to find a member of a special mission. Soldiers are not humans, they are animals shaped like humans. This is the basic setting of the unhealthy dangerous game 2: EXCEPT. If you recognize this game earlier, it goes without saying that the author has launched three products with this given context. dangerous 2 bad: EXTINCTION is the continuation of the DELTA section, which this publisher officially offers on Google Play. The game series has received thousands of installations from many passionate players around the world.

Survival, open world type

Players get into a real fight if they try to destroy the evil forces that have been newly introduced to this sport. Unhealthy 2 Bad Game: EXCELLENT, as in the previous sections, arouses the desire for a second graphic with vivid, sharp images. Players will instantly appreciate that it relies on the mechanism of historical video games when the character moves four suggestions in 2D view back from the main view. In general, however, the game offers a specific experience with targeted movement design. In addition, this stylized persona process also impresses global gamers. It made her consider OWCA (Perry !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Platypus). Just for fun.


Aspiring players can be immediately involved in a battle in which they have to fight the enemy on a fixed map. The performance following the path can be harmful to all opponents and win on the sports screen. However, it’s important to note that the characters are the best at changing games. They will be like a scrolling game with a second aspect, but you can maneuver in four suggestions like in 3D games. Extreme gamers can control an entire group of up to 5 characters simultaneously. As a result, the management system becomes difficult and requires players to coordinate their staff extremely carefully. In addition, you can attach solid objects to the ground to aid the attack.

Interesting characters and research

Usually, in this war of words, you are not lacking in firepower. Each character in the staff can also have special control potential, so the player has to pay for it. Whenever you have these skills, you need to figure out how to most conveniently use them to break the enemy. In parallel to your personality skills, you have a complete synergy advantage with which you can ensure that the entire workforce does the damage assigned to the target.

In this game, the developer introduces the new enemies Wilders (WD), Purebloods (PS), Underdogs (UD), Amazoness (AZ) and Tailless Legion (TL) to the participants. They also have a specific strength against you, so aspiring players don’t neglect their strength, but often increase it to adapt to challenges. The weapons that various retailers carry can also be mutated and upgraded. Find a targeted strategy for practicing, and try to swap another tactic if you are still losing and stuck in a stage for a long time.

MOD information?

1. Infinite gold coins
2. Unlimited diamonds
– You can still use it if the displayed price is zero!!

Google Play Link



Thanks for downloading!

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