Titanium Backup PRO (Donate/Supersu)

Existing mobile customers do not know how to secure entire consignments on their devices. Users don’t just make instruments that are reminiscent of listening, calling, and chatting. In many cases, however, the most important photos or recordings are also stored on mobile phones. If it was stolen or deleted unexpectedly without careful backup, it could be lost. This is much more important for many people who often have important records stored on MobilPhone and traditionally work on highways with restricted access. because this requires a location that creates an optimized, complete application flow in which customers can secure their information using an encrypted cloud method with exceptionally special security.


The main application for Android

Titanium Backup Professional is an absolutely secure software that has been published for a very long time and is downloaded and used by many people. More than a million customers worldwide promote the professional version. The free variant is definitely more. You have to pay a small price to keep it going and unlock its powerful features. however with our apk file the whole thing is free. And if it has a completely new replacement, it is quickly placed under this template. Do not hesitate to bookmark the internet so that you can quickly download a new update and use it for your gadget as soon as it is available.


This is probably the highest rate photo app available only to people who have a little mobile functionality. The reason for this is that such people have to secure their knowledge. If you want to use it, you have to root the process first. It is quite difficult to influence the Android method you are using. So be careful.


It is a must backup application

When you open the Titanium Backup Image application, it is distributed on the screen with a simple interface design, but it contains a lot of the knowledge you need to use and use. Along the way, it is divided into three tabs that contain content such as overview, backup / restore and schedule. In these sections, you will find small pieces of content with a thorough understanding that you cannot forget. They are actually files that are present in your gadget and are presented as parameters for those who need to back up the data. After you have decided to regain certain knowledge, you should enter a simple password called “key capture”. Based on the level, select the codes that are suitable for the purposes of Industrial Level (1024 bit RSA), Military Level (RSA 2048 bit) and Insane (RSA 4096 bit).


This invisible software has become a suitable environment in which you can manage every opportunity for your gadget. means that the user can see that everything is saved. Then when you remember what is required, it is back in cloud mode and for those who don’t want to use it, delete it. This makes your smartphone lighter and more powerful.!!

Size: 8MB
Google Play Link


Titanium Backup PRO/Donate [APK FILE]

Titanium Backup PRO/Donate + Supersu Visible [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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