Sleep as Android (MOD, Premium Unlock)

Do you feel that your work is so busy today that you just don’t have time to talk? You don’t need time to sleep well? Are you linked to a lack of sleep to affect your health? So this can be a way to increase the efficiency of serving so you have a healthy, destructive time. A utility called Sleep like Android is a pleasant choice that helps you make your sleep easier and more relaxing. Developed with Urbandroid, a team that develops functions to improve health, sleep, relax and support customers for a healthy culture to bring men and women together Use a simple way to strengthen everyday life.

Your applications are really good and very convincing with what you wear. With many aspects built into sleep mode like Android, customers are gradually changing their sleepiness habits and ensuring a strong morning. When you set up this utility, you will try to test this application for about 14 days. After that, the application charges installation costs of around $ 7. If you see many benefits this app brings during the trial period, you don’t have to regret any money.

Learn how to use it

So how do you sleep when Android is helping users tighten their sleep? In this software, sleep mode, like Android, has a function that many customers think of: monitoring sleep. With this function, you can use this app to track your sleep cycle using your sleeping environment and wake you up immediately. Although the reality is very similar to setting alarms on mobile phones, the change is that this software shows more data on the results of the commenting process, which you rated based on four criteria. Lice: unusual sleep, unusual sleep, deep sleep, and loud night breathing. In addition, the application also offers you another table with sleep deprivation. Based on the results of the announcement, customers can see what they need to do to adequately improve their sleep time balance.

Dot – Easy to set up, easy to use in everyday life

Monitor your sleep cycle and wake up intelligently: As mentioned above, this app tracks your sleep cycle to evaluate noticeable results during the comment period and to personally support your sleep cycle. Use your sense of what you have to improve your sleep. This option allows customers to consolidate their sleep reputation for a healthy mind and body. In addition, the device can set notifications to remind users to go to bed on schedule, to get good results and to wake customers after they get enough sleep. The app also creates a nap chart where customers can recognize and learn about their modern sleep patterns to improve sleep.

Alarm sound: There is also the alarm sound that wakes the user, soothing and melodious natural sounds that make people fall asleep quickly. This will support the sleep system because as soon as we hear the sound of nature, we return to the mother of nature. As if immersed in the fingers of a hot, gentle mother, gently rock us to sleep.
Sleep report: When you are asleep, you can also use the application to record all sounds made during sleep. Most often, your new voice, or even snoring, is recorded so that you can hear it again the next morning.


developed in 2 basic colors: white and blue. It is no longer striking, but soft to draw the attention of the viewer to it. The device’s user interface is optimized for the entire know-how in a single cell. On this tab many categories with creative employees are organized. This is very practical and convenient to get used to using the device. The first category could be the alarm environment, then last night’s mode to show last night’s time, sleep time. Below is the sleep rating rating, then the night breathing record or the voice of Tangle. The user interface is easy to use and you can get to know it immediately. The best sleep can be significantly improved with this app. This ensures that both your intellect and your body are in prime condition to function. Download Sleep like Android now.

MOD information?

– The aspect of the highest rate is unlocked.
– Google is right for the job.!!

Version: 20200430
Size: 18M
Google Play Link


Sleep as Android [BETAl] [Unlocked] [APK FILE]

Sleep Lullaby Add-on [APK FILE]

SleepCloud Backup Add-on [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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