PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit (Advance Settings)

PUBG Mobile is a real blockbuster entertainment, leader in survival shooters and popular with passionate gamers around the world. Having a top-notch game is no longer that easy, but PUBG is also highlighted by realistic 3D images using the most advanced Unreal Engine 4 technology. However, this graphic requires special configuration for a smooth experience. Medium and low profile phones can choke and lag while playing. To understand this need, developer Trilokia Inc has launched a PGT snapshot capture tool: Professional imaging toolkit (PUB GFX tool) and customers with unobtrusive phones can experience PUBG smoothly and without fear of being withdrawn. The PUB Gfx tool also has many different valuable aspects that I will introduce to you in the next section.

Configure snapshots when installing the PUB GFX device

I tested the Pix configuration on the OnePlus A3003 phone using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip, the Adreno 530 GPU and 6 GB of RAM. After I started PUBG for the first time, MobilPhone worked quite well and without any problems. After starting a fight, I realized that one of the biggest problems was an unstable body. It increases and decreases abruptly and is the cause of athletic delays and delays. After I didn’t move, the frame cost stabilized at 30. As soon as I drove, the distance maps were loaded and my body speed dropped to 10, causing the display to freeze. The same thing happened when I parachuted onto the plane. You may also find that once the framework price is unstable, we can no longer fight the enemy and the game screen ends quickly. This usually affects players.

Zero lag mode and volcano mode are two modes that allow you to stabilize your body charge and make the game more fluid. The zero latency keeps the body at 40 for six minutes. In this mode, the CPU works at 29% and helps you save more battery. In Vulkan mode, the frame rate is kept at 20 and stable at 100% over the course of the lawsuit. Judging from these two modes, Vulkan is extremely stable. The body charge is low, so the CPU operates at a reduced rate (around 23%), which can save battery and reduce heat.

Important points are different

In addition to the cost of a stable work body, the PUB GFX software offers many other useful features to help you master this beautiful photo heritage. Sincerely, You can replace the game’s resolution and prefer the best level of 1080 and use the highest body cost (FPS – extremely high). In some low profile utilities, PUBG does not support HDR photos, but the PUB GFX tool is free and allows customers to experience it. You can also activate the shadow function in the shadow settings: ON or OFF and select the desired pleasant shadow maker. The results are particularly interesting and give you a new feeling. You can also activate any other aspect: anti-aliasing, decision at MSAA level, resolution of the anisotropic filter level (AF), results of the lighting devices, image display level (pleasant image enhancement), .. and add.

Evaluation, evaluation, evaluation

When using the PUB GFX tool, you normally have no doubt about the effectiveness of this application. If your gadget has trouble fulfilling PUBG, the PUB GFX tool is a quick and powerful answer. This utility is extremely inefficient to help you play smoother video games, but it also gives you the first good shots while optimizing the GPU and CPU. However, this is a paid app on Google Play. Here you can download it for free.

> Note: Please consult the regular website to replace the completely new version of the PUB Gfx + device. The all-new variant fixes a number of serious and special errors and thus ensures defense. for hardcore gamers (definitely forbidden)!!

Version: 0.18.3
Size: 2.2M
Google Play Link


PUBG Gfx Tool Plus [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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