Panda Gamepad Pro (Patched/Full License)

> Panda gam pro pro is a keymapper app. That means you should use any gamepad to properly manipulate the game in your MobilPhone Android.

At the moment, people have a lot of tools worth playing video games with no difficulty. PCs can be the most powerful and precise slot machines for games or smartphones – very useful, compact and quick to upgrade. Speaking of Android: These OS-based smartphones are more known for their open application code, which makes them freely adaptable. You can try this without having to do additional evolutionary steps. Exactly, an Android smartphone is much better suited for the desire to play casual games.


Have you ever tried to display your smartphone directly on a handheld console? Now that some video games have been released on the main smartphones, the game tools included have also been actively developed. For example, games like PUBG, the Valor Arena and various action games use the MFi emulator directly on the screen. It is a completely optimized method. The enthusiastic gamers simply indulge in it. However, for real mobile gamers, they play a lot and seriously video games. If you touch the screen and don’t see the whole picture now, you feel uncomfortable.

A collection of handheld gamepads that gamers can use to master all current games. Your smartphone has ended an actual handheld console. Another disadvantage is that it is difficult to customize all the functions you need. Panda Gam Pro is a valuable mapper for a gamepad that is used by many people. This utility allows customers to customize all general settings of the residence launched in the game to the gamepad they just purchased.

In addition, this type of handheld gamepad has many different hot keys connected to do nothing. This is a strength for gamers as you can install hidden features (additional activation points required) to place them near your finger. For example, players don’t use equipment. Switching off this function takes up to 2 seconds. You can do it 3-4 times turbo. With unimportant elements such as displaying a map or speaking to teammates, it works best after a short time, but for tasks such as reloading, exchanging weapons, using potential and delivering really differentiated results.

Suitable for many video games

Most video games with virtual controls are continuously supported. The process with the keymapper is very clever. You may appreciate all of the virtual buttons that the game supports and can then customize the corresponding buttons on the gamepad. As such, you can easily play a lot of unwanted video mail games like Mobile Legends, PUBG, without a doubt, Professional Panda Gamer with 100% risk. No worries about account lockout or other issues.


There are a few things to consider when you need to download this app onto your gadget. First, it is the best app for gamepads, so different gears like keyboards and mice don’t match. If you want to use it afterwards, you have to remove it by root or laptop activation. The application can have special instructions directly in the process; You just have to manipulate it normally, it can respect all kinds of common gamepads these days and also set up a large number of famous games. So you don’t have to worry about how to download it to your phone. However, since it is only a BETA variant, there may be sudden performance errors. At this point, you simply start the entire animal back to normal.

The entire document can be found at:

MOD information?

The image is optimized and the property is cleaned for quick loading <extended effects (full apk size 6.9 MB);
Help for armeabi-v7a + arm64-v8a is easiest;
Deactivate / remove unwanted rights + recipients and services;
The analysis is deactivated.
Languages: En, Ru.!!

Google Play Link


Panda Gamepad Pro [MOD] [APK FILE]

Panda Gamepad Pro [Full/Patcher] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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