MX Player Pro (Patched/AC3/DTS Lite)

Today, the demand for human entertainment has reached an extraordinary level. There are many men and women who spend a lot of time playing video games, surfing online, reading stories, etc. In addition, the entertainment industry is always producing high quality products for sale. Smoking at your customers. The MCU, for example, has consistently equipped movies with incredible budgets and record sales. Therefore, the demand for films by other people is also increasing rapidly. However, no one can find money to go to the theater and profit from the epic. From there, you can create a video and video application with simple integration features to enhance the user experience.

Professional MX Player is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ways to watch videos on your mobile phone. As long as your smartphone has this app, it has become a powerful video player like a laptop. You can use it in a curve and edit videos as you like. J2 Interactive is a manufacturer with many positive and positive elements that many trust in the field. They have produced many types of MX participants. This shows that they have received much encouragement and confidence from the community. Model that offers some great features like customization, help and bug fixes. The perspective of this studio on its products is very important and admirable.

Characteristics, characteristics

It’s a video player with a powerful tool to support procedures. Its most salient feature is hardware acceleration, allowing users to freely edit videos, add subtitles, and develop subtitles. The company’s modern technology know-how helps to decrypt hardware more deeply than old or functional variants. This allows additional videos to be added to your browser. Perhaps the most obvious effect is that you can accelerate the video hardware faster than the opposite application.

Multimedia decoding is the second implementation that effectively supports video playback of the application. Multimedia decoding can double or even increase performance by as much as 70% compared to using a single core. The custom controls and video controls on the touchscreen are the most appealing. So when you watch a movie, it’s very difficult to click on the screen to see the management features. It is annoying to have to press the keys properly, and virtual keys also blur the video content

Double-click to change the features you have developed, such as For example, to drag horizontally or vertically, to Discard to adjust the brightness and volume of the video scroll search. that you can zoom in and out of the screen by pinching or pinching your finger and controlling it.

including subtitle and subtitle customizations is the editing power of the video application. It helps many viewers and wants to share content with communities in the same language. Parental Control can also be in place to ensure that your child watches videos on the phone without touching any unwanted features.

The final part

The app also has a solution to prepare your files and documents scientifically and is easy to control. In addition, manufacturers are constantly updating features and new versions and improving technological know-how. Be sure to use it offline.

MOD information?

– Multilingual [ML]
– Delete all Google, stat-anal, rating windows
– Introduction of the DTS codec
– Reduce pointless access to the Web!!

Google Play Link


MX Player [Armv7] [APK FILE]

MX Player [Armv8] [APK FILE]

MX Player [Armv7] [MOD LITE] [APK FILE]

MX Player [Armv8] [MOD LITE] [APK FILE]

MX Player Pro [Armv7] [APK FILE]

MX Player Pro [Armv8] [APK FILE]

MX Player Pro [MOD LITE] [Armv7] [APK FILE]

MX Player Pro [MOD LITE] [Armv8] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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