DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator – Modern life makes people today are surrounded by technology. This means that the gaming market has become much more extensive than it was a few years ago. Therefore, the demand for gaming has gradually increased over time. Games become a form of entertainment for all ages. But most of the game’s customers are in the 20s and 30s. Nowadays, there are a lot of high-end graphics and gameplay. But a small group of older gamers still want to experience the old feeling.


Nowadays, the trend of game makers is to put the already famous products on the PC platform and consoles on the mobile platform. And devices running Android and iOS. But there are shortcomings as not all games are chosen to become a blockbuster for manufacturers to focus on.


Many people have different hobbies, and of course, the games they love are unlikely to have been revived by the multiplayer games on many platforms. Therefore, DraStic was born to support those who want to play back old, but can not work on any modern equipment is popular today. Basically, it’s a simulator that turns your phone into a Nintendo device. Almost with this emulator, you can play all the catalogs for this portable console.


But there is a big shortcoming for these simulators. Because it’s not a game and it’s not up to you to save all your achievements. If it has to do this task then inevitably the full capacity of this program becomes extremely large and heavy. So it does not include ROMs, players can only maintain their results with backup copies.


The best Nintendo DS emulator on Android

DraStic is a powerful tool from the publisher of Lordus. For old games, the biggest problem is that their graphics are not as refined as the new games that have just launched in about 5 years. With the power of this application, it even Can adjust the visual quality to a certain degree. Besides, the apparent function must be that you can customize the controls of the game that you are playing. As you can see, when starting at 1 gram and will have to adjust the controls to be convenient with the most operation. You can almost simulate your mobile device almost like a Nintendo DS.


Here is a product for Android so if you use iOS, it is impossible to use this product (but there will be other similar applications). But for Android devices to play emulators, this is definitely the most popular product to emulate Nintendo DS. DraStic DS Emulator is the fastest emulator application to perform this operation. It is fast both in starting the application and during the game running there is no lag or loss of signal. It can be said that it will make your gaming experience on Android full speed.

Most compatible with DS Roms

Games DS feature at the time of Nintendo’s release was in 2004, so they already have sharp 3D full-color graphics. Based on three integrated LCD touch screens, this was one of Sony’s most significant competitors at the time. Currently, a smartphone had a better resolution than Nintendo’s devices 10 years ago, so if you play DS standard, it will have a bad image quality. So DraStic DS Emulator will help you increase 3D graphics to 2 by 2 times in the original solution (if you use high-end quad-core smart devices, it works at maximum quality).


A rather tricky issue when it comes to compatibility with many such devices is asynchronous while using the gaming screen. Sometimes when you use Android smartphones too small, it will cause overflow or vice versa. This does not become a big problem with DraStic DS Emulator because you can easily adjust the placement and size of the DS screens. Also, it integrates both portrait and landscape modes so that you can play games in every position you want.


Simple, complete controls

Obviously, if it were a console emulation protocol, it would certainly be automatically arranged on an MFi-style controller. But besides, you can still play games with add-on controllers, along with devices like NVidia Shield and Xperia Play, players can control by the physical controller. If things are still too difficult for you, quickly using the cheat codes is available in the DraStic DS Emulator. They are not so important whether you cheat or not, because these games are no longer balanced and played by as many people as they did when they debuted.


Download DraStic DS Emulator for free

To be fair, you are playing a game alone and not competing with anyone with this product anymore. Because of this, the manufacturer has prepared for you to back up the game process at any time. When you don’t want to play anymore, just save it, the next time you can play right where you stopped before. Even if you use the product on many different devices, you can upload data to Google Drive for storage and synchronization. There are also many other small details that you may encounter in this emulator application.


Install & How to remove license DraStic

DraStic DS Emulator is strictly protected in terms of the license, so just one APK file is not enough for you to use this application most effectively. You need to do the following to delete the application’s license.

  1. Download Jasi Patcher, Xposed Installer and DraStic DS Emulator (download link available and will be updated continuously)
  2. Install Xposed Installer and continue installing Virtual Xposed application.
  3. Install DraStic DS Emulator
  4. Open the Virtual Xposed and add the DraStic DS Emulator application
  5. Install Jasi Patcher module for Virtual Xposed
  6. Open DraStic DS Emulator application in Virtual Xposed

**If the text guide is too difficult, follow this detailed video tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfiTEjsGhLU)

Google Play Link


DraStic  DS  Emulator  [APK FILE]

Jasi Patcher [APK FILE]

Xposed Installer [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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