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Facebook is currently probably the world’s largest social networking application and is founded and selected by many people. With countless invaluable features that Facebook has made available to many customers to attach them to different things, quickly update information, create a crew page, publish personal tracks, make comments and exchange ideas. personal ants. and more. However, for the mobile version, there are many obstacles that need to be connected to the messenger app to speak to neighbors.

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There are now many alternatives to fb and highlights in the app retailer that can be mentioned: simple pro for facebook. Developed with the innovative development Apps LLC, a manufacturer that specializes in setting up functions mainly for the creative sector, they focus heavily on the design of functions, clothing and technology. Art. With many new functions, simple professional tasks for Facebook and more simplify the essentials of fb in a single widget. Customers get the experience of using Facebook on a computer. Despite the fact that you have to pay around $ 4 to put in this gadget, for simple professionals for fb & extra out. This can be a worthwhile alternative to fb.

Learn how to use it

Obviously, this can be a dedicated application for Facebook, as the interface design doesn’t come from fb in any way, so users can easily get used to it without taking too much time. . As mentioned above, Pro is easy for Facebook in connection with the writing and sending of messages like Facebook, without the need to install additional apps for discharging the battery, such as Messenger, to chat with friends Add Messenger, it won’t be easier. In addition, this utility helps users to have no trouble downloading movies or photos taken by Facebook at the push of a button. Users can reset notification mode on Facebook by setting the synchronization time so customers can replace the information in the notification.


> Easy Professional for Facebook offers users many great aspects that even Facebook does not have.

Smart bookmark: If you focus on surfing Facebook, you may find pages or companies that you are looking forward to, but you cannot save yet. This feature allows users to bookmark the pages and organizations you take seriously and then sell them in the smart bookmark section so customers can quickly go to those pages to view information.

Block ads: While you’re watching news or videos, it’s not shocking to be interrupted by subsidized media or posts, so you can feel uncomfortable for everyone. The ads will appear upwards. As a result, customers can use this feature to block subsidized ads and posts, so customers won’t have any problems browsing Facebook or watching videos. Regarding the link, you can still open this function through installation if you still want to see ads.

Customize colors: This function allows users to freely change the color of the device interface according to their favorite color, which makes your user interface more and more prominent when viewing. In addition, you can set night mode to save battery usage and calm your eyes while using it at night.
– Downloading Snapshots and Movies: Before you download videos on Facebook, there are many difficult steps to take, not to mention that there are movies that may be copyrighted and that you cannot download. Then with this add-on has integrated easy-to-use video download. Your job has no problem clicking on the video you want to download and then clicking the download icon.

Data protection: If you lend your phone to someone for contact or text content, you are afraid that others will see your knowledge on Facebook. This software helps you prevent such cases from occurring with password protection with 4 PINs or by scanning fingerprints to prompt the device. This can help increase the security of your personal account.

Notification board: This option allows customers to view information, read newspapers and display text messages on the main screen of the phone without having to access the application.


With the same main color as fb, blue and white help customers trust familiar, simpler, and not too different colors. The application is divided into three main sections, each of which contains unique subcategories. The main part of the message is the online residence, which is first displayed correctly after the application with the main design has been opened and placed at the core of the screen. This section has small sections where customers can view message boards, employee messages, and videos that have been posted here. The second part is Spiritual Discovery with more than a few gadgets like the above markup, group membership, settings and more. Relaxation is referred to as online support, where customers can quickly connect to many other social networking features or provide customers with additional options to relax while in use. . The interface of this application can be very simple and user-friendly, users can quickly see what fb brings.

This may be one of the top Facebook support apps you should use. The app gives you access to many new aspects that Facebook does not currently have. Have fun in many relaxing moments when you interact with neighbors and update messages on social networks. So why hesitate on every level with professional, easy download for fb and add it right?

MOD information?

• Supported CPU architecture: general;
• Supported screen DPI: ldpi [120 dpi], mdpi [160 dpi], hdpi [240 dpi], xhdpi [320 dpi], xxhdpi [480 dpi], xxxhdpi [640 dpi];
• Language: multilingual;
I don’t want LP or Google Play Modded.
Disable / delete unwanted permissions + recipients and services.!!

Version: 9.7.0
Size: 7M
Google Play Link


Simple Social Pro [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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