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Facebook is currently probably the largest social networking application on the planet and is founded and selected by many people. With countless useful functions that fb has made available to many customers to attach them to different things, quickly replace information, create employee pages, send personal status information, make comments and share. personal opinion. and more. However, there are various restrictions for the mobile version that can be called up to be included in the messenger app in order to speak to employees.

There are now many options for Facebook and highlights in app stores, of which one can also say: simple professional for fb. Developed by the innovative trend of Apps LLC, an organization that specializes in the setting of special functions for ingenious topics, they focus very much on the design of purposes, costumes and arts. With many new functions, simple applications for fb and beyond bring the most important elements of Facebook together in one software. Customers get the experience of using FB on a computer. Although you have to pay around four dollars to plug in this app, you can add for the easy pro for Facebook. This is valuable software that can be used instead of Facebook.

Type of use

To be honest, this can be a dedicated utility for fb, and the interface design is nothing special compared to fb, so users can get used to it effectively without spending too much time. , , As mentioned above, pro easy for Facebook has to do with typing and sending messages, e.g. B. Facebook, without having to set up additional battery-charging apps such as Messenger to speak to friends. The mobile internet must be simple and practical for Facebook and also for the integration of messengers. In addition, this application also helps users to download videos or photos from Facebook at the push of a button. Users can reset notification mode to fb using their environment. The synchronization time helps customers to update the messages in the notification area.


> Easy Professional for fb offers users many great elements that even fb does not now offer.

Bookmark carefully: If you focus on browsing Facebook, you’ll see pages or companies that take you seriously but don’t know the easy ways to save these posts. This feature allows customers to bookmark the pages and organizations you are thinking of in the smart bookmarks area so that users can quickly access them to view messages.

Block ads: While you’re watching information or videos, it’s no longer surprising to be interrupted by a supported ad or post, so you’ll have to wait uncomfortably for the entire ad. run to the end. Therefore, customers can use this option to reduce the number of ads and posts supported, so users can easily continue browsing Facebook or watching videos. If you still want to see ads, you can still open this function via the settings.

Customize colors: This feature allows customers to change the colors of the user interface applied to match their favorite colors. So your user interface is brought to the fore when more and more is displayed. In addition, you can set the night mode so that you can shop on batteries and calm your eyes while using it at night.
– Downloading Images and Movies: Before downloading videos to Facebook, there are several complex steps you need to take without pointing out that movies are copyrighted that you cannot download. Later with this utility also built-in video download function without difficulty. Your work effectively clicks on the video that you need to download after clicking the download icon.

Privacy: If you allow someone to rent your phone for contact or text content, you’re afraid that other people will post your knowledge on Facebook. With this utility, you can avoid such cases by entering a 4-PIN password or scanning a fingerprint to turn off the application. This will help increase the security of your personal account.

Notice board: This feature allows customers to view tips, find newspapers and display text messages on the main screen of the phone without having to access the application.


With the Facebook-like main color, blue and white help customers to accept what is familiar, which is easier to recognize and no longer noticeable. The application is divided into three important sections, each containing separate subcategories. The main part of the message is right at home, it is displayed correctly before the application with the main design is opened and placed in the core of the screen. This section contains small sections where customers can view bulletin boards, employee messages, and films posted here. The second part deals online with more than a few objects such as the markup mentioned above, employees, installers and much more. Entertainment is called online support. In this area, users can quickly access many other social networks or provide users with more options to relax while using. , The interface of this software can be very simple and handy, customers can quickly get discussions about what fb brings.

This is definitely one of the great fb support apps you can use. The application gives you access to many new points that FB does not have. Experience many stressful moments in dealing with your neighbors and stay up to date on social media. So why not hesitate any longer with the simple download for Facebook and more?

MOD data?

• Supported CPU architectures: universal;
• Supported screen DPI: ldpi [120 dpi], mdpi [160 dpi], hdpi [240 dpi], xhdpi [320 dpi], xxhdpi [480 dpi], xxxhdpi [640 dpi];
• Language: multilingual;
I don’t want LP or Google Play Modded.
Disable / delete unwanted permissions + recipients and services.!!

Version: 9.4.9
Size: 7M
Google Play Link


Simple Pro for Facebook [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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